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Conservatives Are Enraged By A Pride Flag Concept That No One Wants Or Uses



Conservatives Are Enraged By A Pride Flag Concept That No One Wants Or Uses

The first rainbow flag took its first flight in 1978 at the Gay Freedom Day Parade held in San Francisco. And later on, the flag got redesigned numerous times in the name of inclusion. But while creating such changes, some feared that this could result in some branding or some absent material measures towards absolute equality. 

The earliest model of the rainbow flag included pink and turquoise stripes which represent sex and art. These were considered the most integral part of queer life that the designers believed is worth fighting.

And as the year went by, the pink strip was removed from the flag due to the lack of fabric availability. As the same issues were faced by turquoise, this color also was removed from the flag and that’s how the present popular LGBTQ+ flag came into existence.  

What Is The Latest Design Of The Pride Flag

As of the recent updates, a red umbrella has been included in the latest flag design which is believed to represent sex workers. There were discussions among the republicans on the incarnation of the Progress Pride Flag. According to them, they believe that the design was voted on and approved by the LGBTQ+ society’s governing authority.

Flags are considered a political symbol that is abstracted from the belief and vernacular of nationalism. These flags are believed to represent imagined communities, a term coined by historian Benedict Anderson.

According to him, imagined communities are self-constituted entities that are united less by shared experiences than by shared beliefs in shared experiences.       

The original rainbow flag was exploited recently with tweaks and lifts and this has created a whole lot of confusion because of this even a few of the members of the community have fallen for it.

Even though the issue has just become complicated and noticed now, the flag design with the umbrella was formed two years ago and was initially used by Chaya Raichil who handles the Twitter account “Libs of TikTok,” a malevolent anti-LGBTQ+ account.

The main aim of doing so is to feature queer people as sexual predators. The rightwing fury was created over a flag design that is not used by any or is not much accepted among the community.  

The Progress Pride flag is an incarnated design of the authentic rainbow Pride flag that was designed by Gilbert Baker. The flag was originally designed with benevolence but later resulted in several controversies due to the addition of different colors that are meant to identify distinct people within the community. 

Daniel Quasar created an incarnation of the pride flag which was a redesign of the pride flag launched by the city of Philadelphia in June 2017. It featured five new colors shaped into an arrow or a chevron that pointed right.

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The colors were black, brown, light blue, pink, and white. While the 2017 flag featured black and brown stripes with the six standard rainbow colors. The black and brown colors in the incarnated Pride Flag represent the degraded LGBTQ+ people of color, the members who suffer AIDS/HIV, and those who died due to such sexually transmitted diseases.

The latest design of Quasar even added light blue, pink, and white that represented the transgender community. These are the colors that emerged in the transgender pride flag designed by Monica Helms in 1999.   

As years went by, a wide variety of Pride Flags emerged and have even fallen. While some of them were adopted by some, at the same time, most of them got rejected. And among all these, only one survived until now, which is the first one designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978.

The most embraced model of Gilbert was designed at the request of the then San Francisco city Supervisor Harvey Milk. he wanted to create something which will represent the symbol of pride for the LGBTQ+ community.

The design had eight colors including hot pink for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, turquoise for magic and art, indigo for harmony, and violet for spirit. As of the findings, no flag is designed as an official Pride flag rather it depends on those who choose a flag that means to them the most.  

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