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What Is Polyamorous? And How It Works!



What Is Polyamorous

Polyamory is a kind of relationship that is considered taboo or non-normative in our society. Unlike monogamous relationships, polyamorous is more open and deal with certain criteria. It means polyamorous people have multiple relationships at the same time. 

Polyamorous: What Does It Mean?

People hesitate to accept polyamorous relationships. Because it includes more intimate or sexual relationships with multiple persons at the same time.

It is more open and provides freedom with each relationship. It means each person in a Polyamorous relationship is aware of the other partner or their relations. 


Types Of Polyamorous Relationships: Eight Ones To Know

There are different types of Polyamory relationships:

Hierarchical polyamory, Mono-poly relationships, quad, solo Polyamory, vee, Triad, non-hierarchical polyamory, and kitchen table polyamory are the common polyamory relationships. 

1. Hierarchical Polyamory

It means the involvement of three people emotionally and sexually. One individual is in love with two people at the same time. The individual will be men or woman. Who have one primary partner and also a secondary partner. 

Usually, in hierarchical relationships, one relationship is considered the most important. The primary partner gets more attention and significance at the same time the secondary partner gets less consideration. 

Hierarchical Polyamory

The primary partners live together, sometimes having children and sharing the same property and living like typical husband and wife. But each of them is aware of the secondary partner. 

2. Mono-poly Relationships

Mono-poly relationships are slightly different from other polyamorous relationships.  Here one individual from the relationship remains monogamous and another one will have multiple partners. 

Here the partners are aware of the relationships. If one partner is interested to keep a polyamorous relationship and the other one is not ready it is called a Mono-poly relationship.  

Mono-poly Relationships

In the case of long-distance relationships, it will be more possible. It will work well when the two participants are equally satisfied and recognized. 

3. Quad

As the name indicates the number of individuals in Quad will be four. These four individuals are connected to each other, and dating each other.


When the primary couples add their new partners to an existing relationship is called a Quad. 

4. Solo Polyamory

There are no primary partners in the case of solo polyamory relationships. The individual who is in solo polyamory considers themselves as the primary partner.

Solo Polyamory

These people are interested in their own life and matters. They don’t need any person to make serious decisions and support in their life. 

5. Vee

Vee polyamorous relationship is when one individual date two people at the same time and they are not involved with each other.


The core individual is connected with the secondary partners. But the secondary partners are only keeping the relationship with the core one. 

6. Triad

It is also called a throuple relationship. It is similar to Vee polyamorous relationships. Three people are involved but slightly different from Vee by creating a triangle relationship.


Each of them has a sexual and emotional relationship with the other. 

7. Non-hierarchical Polyamory

It is quite different from hierarchical polyamorous relationships. Here is no particular primary partner. The three partners are equally involved in a relationship.

Non-hierarchical Polyamory

Relationships with each other will be different but they will not consider one person important more than the other. 

8. Kitchen Table Polyamory

It emphasizes the importance of relationships. Each member of the relationship is emotionally connected. Members of the relationship will gather together for events and celebrations. It allows people to interact more. 

For instance, you can think of three individuals. 1 is romantically involved with 2 and 3 while 2 and 3 are not dating together. Typically they are not interested in moving into a relationship together but have an emotional relationship. The three of them have a good relationship when together. 

Kitchen Table Polyamory

Now the word swinging is also very common and it also deals with multiple partners at a time. Unlike Polyamorous relationships, swingers’ partners do not develop a romantic or emotional connection with them. It is more emphasized sexual relationships more than romantic relationships. 

There are many misconceptions existing about Polyamorous relationships. People believe it is just cheating and against the norms that society put forward.  It also deals with some myths like lack of intimacy and responsibility, afraid of commitment, causing disintegration of relationships, affecting children, and being sex-oriented.

It is more important that know the negative sides and positive sides of Polyamory before entering into such a relationship. 

Considering the all facts about this complex relationship will contribute to the well-being of your life. 

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