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Can AI Tools Ever Match Professional Writers’ Creativity?



 You may enjoy your studying or hate it completely. But more often than not, students enjoy certain aspects of the studying process while hating others. Still, the most common aspect that attracts complaints is writing assignments. There are a lot of difficulties attached to it.

First, you need to come up with an opinion on the topic you couldn’t care less about. Then you run into difficulties expressing yourself. And there’s also a shortage of time. So, you just browse through EssayPro review to pick a service that will solve your issues. Wait, what? Aren’t those paper writing services a thing of the past?

Nowadays, people can just subscribe to some AI-driven writing platform and get their paper ready within minutes. Not minutes, more like seconds. You get your perfect essay or whatever you need in the blink of an eye, and you just submit it and get your grade. Or get expelled from the college, as obviously, you’re not thinking about the downsides of using AI-generated content. But let’s look at the benefits first:

  • You can use certain platforms for free;
  • The paper is ready in less than a minute;
  • You get no grammar errors;
  • Your paper doesn’t contain any typos.

Those are the main benefits of using AI-driven tools for your writing assignments. And it doesn’t look as impressive as most of the articles claiming how ChatGPT and other AI-writing tools are going to replace human writers.

Moreover, even the listed advantages can easily turn into disadvantages. Do you know that the character limit in ChatGPT free mode is 4000? That’s far less than your typical college essay.

AI Detectors

Have we mentioned the prospects of being expelled from college? Well, let’s start with talking about the elephant in the room that most materials praising AI-writing tools used in high school and college omit. If you think of using an AI tool as just giving it a topic and submitting it to your professor, you’re deadly wrong.

You see, AI-powered writing tools are getting better and better with each year. So do the AI detectors. Submit the AI-crafted paper as it is, and if your professor runs it through an AI detector, you will end up having problems. Of course, using AI detectors like Winston AI is not yet obligatory in educational institutions. But “yet” is a keyword here.

Absence of Typos and Errors

But why would your professor want to check your paper for AI-crafted material in the first place? Well, here we come to the benefits of using AI tools that can easily turn into disadvantages. AI doesn’t make grammar errors and crafts texts without typos. It seems great, doesn’t it? Yes, but here the keyword is “seems.”

If you’re an avid reader, you know that finding any written material without a single typo is close to impossible. Take this article, for instance. Despite the fact that it was run through grammar checkers and a proofreader worked on it, it may contain a typo or two.

Same with other articles online. Hey, even bestselling novels contain unintentional typos. Cutting the long story short, your professor may find an absence of typos or grammar errors suspicious.

The Creativity Problem

But everything mentioned above is not the biggest problem with AI writing tools. And it’s not the real reason why essay writing services are still relevant.

Now, let’s talk about the real reason why you shouldn’t ditch the idea of checking out Write Paper reviews to find a suitable service for your academic writing needs. The tools don’t make typos, but they have issues with the overall meaning of the task.

Let’s say you need to write an article or an essay on megalomania as the ruining aspect of business and reputation, using Elon Musk as an example. Suppose you task most AI-driven tools with crafting the said article or essay. In that case, you will end up with several passages on why megalomania can be bad for business and reputation. And various Elon Musk’s ventures will be randomly thrown here and there.

The tools may do a bit better if you task them with writing an essay with a title like The Rise and Fall of Elon Musk. Here, you will end up with the distilled biography of Musk, from a rising business mogul to all the weird stuff he’s been doing for the past several years while losing billions. Seems kinda, alright, yes? Well, you can guess the keyword in the last sentence.

The title The Rise and Fall of Elon Musk may suggest something humorous. And AI tools are not prone to crack jokes. They don’t know how to be creative. So, you will end up with facts.

According to essaypro review, aside from the fact that you will have to rewrite the delivered text to avoid AI detectors flagging it, you will have to rewrite it to turn it into an actual essay. You know, add humor and some points that AI failed to make. Display your writing style and vocabulary. Use metaphors, irony, examples of characters resembling Musk from fiction…

Does it sound like you have to put more effort into your academic writing when using AI-powered tools? Wasn’t it about saving your time? Wasn’t it about delegating your writing duty to artificial intelligence? Unfortunately, at the moment of writing, using AI writing ‒ no pun intended ‒ tools is pretty much what is described here.

Closing Thoughts

The core idea of writing assignments is to give you an opportunity to display your writing abilities. You need to showcase how you work with information and how you can express your opinions on this or that matter. But it’s not always fun. And you don’t always have enough time to make that assignment your priority.

If you want to delegate your writing duties to someone else completely, you can always order a paper from some essay writing service. A professional writer will analyze the topic and approach it creatively.

And you will end up with a perfectly crafted essay that expands on the subject with metaphors and humor when needed. Possibly, it will contain typos, but the narration will have a logical flaw, and the paper will easily pass AI detectors.

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