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A Show For Bruce Springsteen: Sam Fender Opened In Italy



A Show For Bruce Springsteen: Sam Fender Opened In Italy

The American singer and musician Sam Fender announced an opening for his hero Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band for two upcoming shows in Italy next summer. Fender who nicknamed himself ‘Geordie Springsteen” will be supporting Springsteen in two concerts in Ferrar and Rome which are going to take place in 2023.

Fender will play alongside Springsteen at Parco Urbano G. Bassani at Ferrari on May 18 and again at Rome’s Circo Massimo on May 21. He marked his comments  on a Twitter post-

‘I’m thinking about the moment @springsteen music first resonated with me when I was a teenager! Next year I’m opening up for him in Italy (emoji) what the f*** is going on (emoji)”

He wrote the post following a poster of the 2023 Tour Springsteen & E Street Band.

Sam Fender Opened The Event For Bruce Springsteen

Back in 2021 Fender comparing him and Springsteen said that “ I can exactly bat off those comparisons, can I? At the same time, I don’t feel worthy of that tag”

A Show For Bruce Springsteen: Sam Fender Opened In Italy

Springsteen recently defended tour ticket prices following reports that some tickets cost $5,000 each by the “dynamic pricing’ model by Ticketmaster.

Bruce Springsteen’s latest release is a brand new album, Only The Strong Survive, which is a collection of “15 soul music greats”. In the announcement of the album, he stated that he wants to make an album where he can just sing and praised the songbook of the sixties and seventies of Great America. 

He also added he took inspiration from fabulous music writers and from Levis Stubbs, David Ruffin, Diana Ross, Scott Walker, Jimmy Ruffin, and many more. 

Fender recently revealed that Springsteen is one of his biggest influences in the journey of music. Springsteen is one of the influential inventors of the heartland rock style of music. He is an extraordinary singer who achieved many awards including 20 Grammys, a special Tony award, an Oscar, and two Golden Globes.

He was spotted on Rolling Stone’s Greatest Artist of All Time List. Fender stated that Springsteen is the one who comes to mind when we talk about the influencers in his musical career. Fender covered Springsteen’s iconic single “I’m on fire” for an exclusive session of Apple Music in January 2022.

Fender began his career by supporting many major artists including Willy Mason. He released his first single in 2017, “Play God”, and put out “Start Again” and “Friday Flighting.” He gained attention and got spotted for his work when he wrote and released “Dead Boys” which was featured in Fifa 19’s game soundtrack.

In 2021, the singer released “Seventeen Going Under,” which debuted at number 44 on the UK singles chart. In this work, Fender turned his mirror towards the street and expressed his emotions, where he grew up and walked, as well as he saw himself in his music.

Most of his albums are tough yet tender which throws light on his childhood. It is also a coming-of-age story, marrying relatable family themes and bokeh friendship following a grand chorus that surprises the audience.

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In 2019 the singer won the 2019 Brit Award and Critics Choice  Award and he did a cover of Ariana Grande’s “ Breakup with your Girlfriend, I’m bored “ which created a huge fan base. Later he released  Hypersonic Missiles, a studio album that sold 41,000 copies in its first week of release.

Tickets for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s tour are available for the fans. The fans who want to attend the contest should complete the form with a verified email address and name. TicketMaster is providing tickets where they are providing the user an option to pick their preferred tour date and rank four other dates from highest to lowest.

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