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James Cameron Criticises Marvel Vfx As Being “Not Even Close” To “Avatar”



James Cameron Criticises Marvel Vfx As Being Not Even Close To Avatar

James Cameron is a Canadian filmmaker who has risen through the ranks in the movie business. Moreover, he is known for his vision and innovativeness. He has previously made some of the top films with special effects.

The audience can connect with him right away at the very mention of Titanic, the film that had many generations hooked. The iconic film released in 1997, won him the Best Director award. Thereafter, his movie Avatar also made it to the headlines recently.

The fascinating filmmaker returned to the movies in the year 2009. He made Avatar, a sci-fi film that garnered a huge response. Thus, he got catapulted again to one of the high pedestals of movie making. The movie earned close to $2.7 billion. Cameron received the Golden Globes Award.

More On The Upcoming Avatar

‘Avatar: The Way of Water is up for release soon, and the legend is back in the news once again. The director recently compared the Weta-version VFX of Avatar with the ILM-based Marvel.

James Cameron Criticises Marvel Vfx As Being "Not Even Close" To "Avatar"

According to Cameron, recent movies are heavily embellished with special effects, and this trend is driving competition further. The results seem extremely good, as one filmmaker tries to win against the other.

The healthy competition among the movies in today’s genre has led to heightened special effects applications.

Most superhero comic books have been turned into movies, and the trend seems to be pushing the mark and performance. With more and more tools and codes available, film-making has become easier.

Additionally, talented people in the sector have made it possible. He has his own special effects company, Weta Digital, which is making a lot of advancements in this field every day. The firm is hiring new technical geniuses to fulfill the demands of movie-making.

Comparison With Marvel Universe

Although James Cameron is all praises for the movies, which have special effects in every core area, he has some comments on others. He has said that no one should compare his movies with Marvel.

He has also stated that the bar has been raised, but he always seems to be ahead of the race. He is also Marvel’s biggest critic. He has praised ILM for its effects, but he said that ‘Thanos’ is irreplaceable.

In a recent interview, Cameron said that he wanted to give his new movie, ‘Avatar: The Way of Water, a higher level of character and maturity so that no one even comes close. For the unversed, the VFX company Industrial Light and Magic has been working on the Marvel Universe.

The company owners have complained several times that they rarely get the attention that they deserve, despite working hard. In recent movies like Infinity War, only a handful of shots received recognition. Only a few people were awarded and recognized for their hard work.

In the meanwhile, Avatar fans are waiting for the sequel to be released. The 13-year wait seems to be coming to a close, with the movie ready to hit theatres. The movie will take the audience back to the place, where it all began, Pandora.

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The teasers and trailers are out, and things seem to be looking great. Cameron plans to make sequels every year till 2028. However, it depends on the success of Avatar 2. If it fails to garner a massive response, then he might end the series with Avatar 3.

Cameron seems to be set for an epic release of the movie on December 16. An official synopsis is also out now, so the fans cannot seem to wait any longer for the legend to come back.

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