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Who Is Steve Burton’s Wife Sheree Gustin? All About Her Life And Divorce



Who Is Steve Burton’s Wife Sheree Gustin All About Her Life and Divorce

The American daytime television soap opera fame Steve Burton has been a matter of discussion lately in the media. Earlier in 2022, there were rumors that Burton had filed for divorce from his wife Sheree Gustin.

The couple was together for a long time as they got married earlier in January 1999. But due to some reasons, the rumor appeared to be true and it was confirmed that the duo had planned to end their 23 years of marriage.

Sheree Gustin, the estranged wife of American actor Steve Burton was born in the United States in March 1977 and is a renowned fitness trainer and nutritional coach. The 45-year-old Gustin became popular after her separation from her ex-husband Steve Burton.

The actor announced the couple’s separation through his Instagram story. It said that the duo is getting separated after his wife announced that she is expecting her 4th child from some other man. He even added that they are still co-parenting their other three children and are appreciating some privacy at the time.    

All About Sheree Gustin

Sheree being a fitness freak and an entrepreneur, started her own website and was providing training to her clients.

After her marriage with Burton on 16 January 1999, she changed her name from Sheree Gustin to Sheree Burton and is currently residing in Orange County, California, United States.

Who Is Steve Burton’s Wife Sheree Gustin All About Her Life and Divorce

Being a public figure, she was very much active on social media and shares the most about her personal life. The duo shares three children; two daughters and a son. 

After more than 2 decades into marriage, the actor has filed for divorce from his estranged wife. The filing was submitted to the Superior Court of California of the County of Orange on July 8.

And as per the filing, it is mentioned that they are separating due to some ‘irreconcilable differences’ and it was even noted that the couple were living separately since March 1, 2022.

As of the records, it is noted that the General Hospital fame is seeking joint legal and physical custody of their children, daughters Makena(18) and Brooklyn(7) and son Jack(16).

It is believed that the actor has requested the court to terminate the spousal support to both himself and Gustin. 

Although the news of the couple’s divorce had spread all over the media within this time, the fitness coach has never come out with a public announcement on their divorce.

It was only by this January she showed her dismay at the mistakes she’s done in her relationship. In an Instagram post Gustin quotes, “If you could go back, what would you tell your younger self? I would have said… Follow your passions.”

She added that others will try to hurt you but in any condition always stay kind and take the high road. She even suggested not to be afraid of failures but rather to have the courage to try new things.

The fitness trainer even advised her followers to learn from their mistakes as it is quite normal to make mistakes which is ok. 

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In 2021, the couple celebrated their 22nd anniversary which was quite a milestone for a renowned Hollywood couple. As such milestones are not achieved by many in this field, it was the happiest moment in the duo’s life.

She showered her husband with a sincere tribute on social media. She commended, “You had me at hello.” She said it was a wild and crazy ride throughout the two decades with her husband Steve, and thanked him for still managing to make her laugh almost every single day throughout these 22 years. She even added the hashtag #22years. 

According to the sources, it is believed that the couple had some chaos in life after the actor underwent some turmoil in his career.

And because of this, it is reported that Sheree was not so happy with her life and was planning to split up seeking something more. The source even added that it was quite normal in a long marriage to have such issues.  

Sheree announced her pregnancy through her social media post showcasing her little baby bump. The side profile picture of her holding the bump was captioned, “Life sure is full of surprises!”     

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