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Rascal Flatts’ J.D. Rooney Filed For Divorce Over Tiffany Fallon’s Cheating



Rascal Flatts' J.D. Rooney Filed For Divorce Over Tiffany Fallon's Cheating

The former lead guitarist of the country music band Rascal Flatts, Joe Don Rooney has accused her wife of indulging in an extramarital affair with her trainer. Over years, the couple has been accusing each other of cheating allegations. 

His wife Tiffany Fallon was a model and playmate of the Month for December 2004, as well as Miss Georgia USA in 2001. They were introduced by Rooney’s bandmate Jayde Marcus. The couple tied the knot back on April 23, 2003, in Mexico. The couple gave to their first kid in the year 2008, Jagger Donovan who is now 14 years old, Raquel blue 12, and Devon Olivia.

Joe Don, 47 has filed for divorce to end his 15 years of marriage with Tiffany Fallon, on the grounds of her relationship with her trainer. According to Joe, their affair dates back to the beginning of 2020 and claims that the illicit relationship is still going on.

Tiffany Also Accused Him For Cheating And Using Drugs

In response to the allegations, Tiffany has responded without denying and hit back at him for cheating on her, which she clarified as his lack of interest in maintaining the spark between them. She also countered that their marriage is in a wreck due to his “habitual Alcoholism and substance abuse”. 

Rascal Flatts' J.D. Rooney Filed For Divorce Over Tiffany Fallon's Cheating

For proof, she has cited the accident event which happened back in 2021, where the singer and lead guitarist was arrested for drunk driving after he crashed his car into a tree near his home in Middle Tennessee. To prevent jail time for drunk driving, Joe stated in the document that he steered away from hitting a deer which caused him to ultimately crash the tree.

He later admitted after failing several sobriety tests that he partied over at his friend’s house and gulped more drinks than he should have. He spends two days in jail over the matter before signing the $2,500 bond.

Following the incident, his driver’s license was suspended and he can reinstate his license after owning a vehicle with a built-in breath analyzer. That was the first time the singer and the lead guitarist pleaded guilty. 

Over the years he denied using narcotics. Yet, he admits that he suffers from an alcohol disorder and is seeking treatment, but insists that alcohol is not the factor that is leading to the collapse of his marriage as her wife started an affair while he was on the swirl. 

All while in the center of the crisis, the once happy couple is now battling over wealth and custody of their beautiful children since he reportedly filed for divorce back in 2022.

For the lead guitarist, this decade crushed him more than he expected as the 20-year-old band was discontinued after the fall of the iconic trio Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus, and Joe himself. After strict lockdown procedures, the band was forced to cancel their scheduled performances.

Later in 2021, the lead vocalist Gary LeVox revealed that the band was not discussing promoting any tours. Yet the band gave hope to the fans of new performances despite the pandemic.

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However, all the effort went in vain after Joe Doe calls it quits for personal reasons, which led the band to fall from the wagon.

Both of the partners of Joe Don Rooney made their careers, Demarcus collaborated with Jason Scheff ex-Chicago vocalist among others. Whereas LeVox released his new single on August 2022 with the title “Get Down Like That”.

However, it is believed that Rooney had intentionally slashed most of them from his life due to his struggle over their marriage life. 

Well, let’s hope that the couple may find neutral grounds at the earliest, as more developments are going to occur in the coming stages.

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