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How Did Naya Rivera Die? The Revelations From The Crew And Cast Of The Show



How Did Naya Rivera Die The Revelations From The Crew And Cast Of The Show

The deaths of the groundbreaking stars of the phenomenal musical comedy-drama “Glee” created by Ryan Murphy, Chris coffer, and many more, were disclosed in the three-part docuseries “The price of glee”.

The docuseries highlights the death of the former stars of “Glee” Naya Rivera, Cory Monteith, and Mark Salling.

The three of these stars passed away due to different circumstances of the event. The controversies have been always up there but now the docuseries have poured fuel into the fire.

The docuseries is reportedly composed of interviewing friends, relatives, co-workers, and the journalist who covered the news during the time.

Thus, the contents seem to be legit as the development of the cases may yet erupt, as these deaths have been still spreading as controversial conversations. 

Death Of The Stars

The death of these stars has been very saddening as Mark Salling attempted suicide when he was accused of sexual battery and possession of child pornography. Whereas Cory Monteith was found dead on July 13, 2013, of an overdose. 

Death of the glee stars

According to the docuseries, before his death, he unveiled some of the secrets that turned him to pick up a glass of drink after being sober for some time.

He was found dead with cocaine in his system. In the freshly released series, the hair department head on the set of “Glee” recalled one incident where Cory disclosed to him that one of his closest people suggested he have some drinks.

Kirkpatrick added that one should not insist a person who is sober drink, regarding the past Cory – as he has earlier admitted to rehab due to substance abuse.

Despite Kirkpark’s revelation about the incident, he has not revealed the name of the person who is responsible for Cory to drive under the influence of alcohol.

The head of the health department believes that he has no authority to reveal the name of the person as he did not witness any of the things.

The Controversial Death Of Naya Rivera

Another controversial death of the musical-comedy websites is the demise of the actress Naya Rivera, who was just 33 years old when reported dead after she disappeared in Lake Piru in Ventura County, California on 8 July 2020.

The reports indicate that both the actress and her 4-year-old son Josey Dorsey rented a pontoon boat to get into the lake. The actress who played Santana Lopez in the series “Glee” was reported to be accidentally drowned in the lake after attempting to rescue her son from the accident.

Her son was found alive by the staff who rented the boat for the actress. As per the staff, her son Josey was dozed off in the boat with an adult lifejacket, which was supposed to be for Naya.

The authorities believe that she was trapped in some shrubbery on the floor of the lake. Furthermore, the lake has witnessed several drownings throughout the years.

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The father of the “Step-Up” actress recalled the last time they spoke was just before the event of his death. He revealed that they were arguing about renting a pantaloon boat as it was not technically a boat.

He added that he had a sinking feeling that day and instructed her to always anchor the boat for their safety and not to jump off it. Her dad, George dived from Knoxville, Tennesse to Ventura County, California – in the hope to find her daughter. The loving father is believed to be still grieving for her daughter’s loss.

Along with these popular stars, some of the less-known people who are part of the team Glee have also passed away for various reasons. Many fans and viewers of the show have indicated the deaths as a curse.

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