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Thandiwe Newton’s Daughter Nico Parker: Stuns On ‘Last Of Us’ Red Carpet



Thandiwe Newton's Daughter Nico Parker Stuns On 'Last Of Us' Red Carpet

English Actress Nico Parker 18 walks up to the red carpet of her own project ‘Last of Us’ premiere along with her father on Monday night in Los Angeles.

She was attending the premiere of her impending Home Box Office show named Last Of Us. 

Nick act as a 14-year-old child named Sarah in this series. It is based on a video game released in 2013. Nick plays the role of the daughter of the protagonist Joel. It takes place after the civilization has been destroyed. 

The teen actress paused to the photos along with her father OI Parker, her TV father Pedro Pascal who plays the role of her father Joel in the series, and her costar Storm Reid.

Nico Looked Like Her Mother

She wore a vibrant lime green gown, diamond, and silver accessories. It surged the beauty of the red carpet. The way she presented on the red carpet reminded her mother and famous actress Thandiwe Newton.

Nico Parker And Thandiwe Newton

18-year-old Nico mostly looks like her mother. Thandiwe Newton is popularly known for her character in the movie Pursuit of Happyness. 

Nico Parker is popularly known as the daughter of famous actress Thandiwe Newton 50 and director and screenwriter OI Parker 53.

They share three children together including Nico. Nico was their second child. The first child Ripley was 22 years old and the third one Booker is 8 years old. 

The former couple separated in 2022 after living 20 years of married life. Later their split Newton highly focused on their family.

It caused her to exist on several new projects and paid more attention to her personal matters. 

Both of her parents support Nico in her career. Her mother and father are great inspirations for her to enter the film industry. They always show their support by presenting the red carpets with her.

Fans and followers of Nick praised her stunning look in the flowed lime green gown as it was a breakthrough in her beauty.

Her sheer chiffon gown featured a deep V-neck cut. And the gown flowed behind Nico. she pulled her hair back as a chick bun and it increased her beauty at the event.

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In 2019 Nick appeared in the premiere of Dumbo along with her mother. Newton said in an interview following Nico’s debut film role in the live-action Dumbo that her daughter got her to be this she tiger, waiting to pounce at any moment. 

About Nico Parker

Nico Parker was born on December 9, 2004, in Kensal Rise, England. She played the role of Milly Farrier in her debut film Dumbo in 2019. It gave her widespread recognition as an actress. 

She is the daughter of the famous actress Thandie Newton and mostly looks like her. 

Films Of Nico Parker

  • Dumbo in 2019 as Milly Farrier.
  • Reminiscence in 2021 as Zoe along with her mother Thandiwe Newton.


  • The Third Day in 2020 as Ellie in three episodes.
  • The Last of Us in 2023 as Sarah.
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