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Emily Ratajkowski Still Wearing Ring From Her Ex: A $50K Diamond Ring!



Emily Ratajkowski Still Wearing Ring From Her Ex A $50K Diamond Ring!

The $50,000 diamond ring of Emily Ratajkowski, which was given by her estranged ex-husband Bear-McClard still rounds the internet as netizens pour their opinions regarding whether she should keep it or not.

My Body author was once again posing with the ring for her high-profile ad campaign for the major designer Tory Burch, which again the netizens dropped comments on her ring.

Emily Ratajkowski Posted A Photo On Social Media That Exposes The Ring

In the images posted on Instagram, she was seen wearing a light beige spring outfit. In the campaign, another dark-haired model, Vittoria Ceretti, who was also in a similar outfit for the campaign accompanied her.  

The two-carat Princess cut diamond and three-carat pear-shaped cut diamond on a yellow gold band still lie on the fingers of the model and actress.

But according to the state’s law, the engagement ring was given to the spouse as a “conditional gift”. Hence, the condition changes when the marriage is annulled.

This indicates that once the couple is separated the engagement ring is the property of the person who gave the ring. The law is designed to distribute fairly for both partners to equally distribute the marital properties in the light of divorce.

Regarding this, many of the individuals are confused about whether she can hold the ring in her possession or not. Well if the owner of the property intends to leave the ring with her then the matter is clear.

And if the couple cannot reach an agreement regarding the matter, then the matter should be settled in court where the trial judge determines what happens under the equitable distribution laws.

Despite her beautiful poses in the campaign, all the eyes were on her ring, which was gifted to her when Bear -McClard tied the knot with the American model and actress in 2018.

Previously, in an interview, she revealed that she kept the Diamond ring with her even after the divorce. She added that she feels mixed emotions whenever she hears divorce news.

The actress continued that she knew a lot of personalities who were unhappily married for a long time, and were scared of divorcing.

According to reports, the couple kept their relationship private until 2018, when Emily revealed that they were dating for the past couple of years.

It is believed that the couple married in 2018, and gave birth to their child, a boy named Sylvester. However, the couple separated a year after they welcomed their son. The rumors speculate that infidelity is on Bear-McClard’s part.

Since her divorce, she has been linked with a lot of media celebrities, including the DJ Orazio Rispo, whom she was photographed kissing. But it doesn’t seem like their bond lasted long after she was seen with Pete Davidson. However, the reports suggest that both of the celebrities fell off the edge.

The model revealed that men don’t know how to handle strong women; she explained how men behave such as they initially show interest, and once the emotion builds up they struggle to express and resent it, which eventually tears her down and brings her back to square one.

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She added that she finds casual dating difficult when especially media outlets make a big deal about it. “It feels pretty weird” when being watched, which makes her relationship more complicated with the paparazzi more.

She confessed that she struggles to date casually anyone when she is aware that their pictures could get viral at any moment.

Emily revealed that she is open to casual dating after a long time also. she shared her opinion on dating women as she said it was exciting when she received direct requests from women when using a dating app. She has also hinted at having multiple partners.

Ironically, she is enjoying life the way she wants as well as the way she should; it is obvious that if the paparazzi could leave her for a moment, she could have taken things to a different level.

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