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Julia Fox Reveals Her Net Worth And Why She Doesn’t Live In A Luxurious House 



Julia Fox Reveals Her Net Worth And Why She Doesn't Live In A Luxurious House 

American actress Julia Fox revealed things regarding her net worth and explained why she doesn’t want a luxurious residence after a viral tour on TikTok Monday.  

Julia came up with an explanation for the speculations forming and circulated regarding her net worth by posting a video on social media after she made a home tour of her humble New York City apartment and it went viral. 

Julia Fox Gives Explanation Of Why She Lives In A Modest Apartment

She said in a statement that she never imagined her apartment tour going so viral and she really happy when seeing the response to her video. Julia currently lives in a modest apartment with facilities of just two bedrooms and one bathroom. 

Julia Fox Reveals Her Net Worth And Why She Doesn't Live In A Luxurious Apartment

She just introduced her home by giving her followers take a look at the small apartment where she currently resides. Some of her fans appreciated her for her normalcy in living in a humble apartment. Another group annoyed her by saying her speculated amount of net worth. 

Reports spreading around about her net worth estimated at approximately around $30 million. Julia denied such information by saying she just want to inform people that she is not worth $30 million or an amount not even close to it. 


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She said she doesn’t need $30 million, and what does one person need $30 million for? She has survived on a lot less and she doing just fine. 

Julia later came with a bit of advice to her fans and followers to stay away from these kinds of information generated through the Internet. And don’t believe everything read on the Internet. Because all those celebrities’ net worth things are always bs. 

Julia stated before about her enthusiasm to live in a humble house and she didn’t have much interest in luxurious residing which announces her wealth.   

She disclosed her situation to her fans by saying that her situation is not that deep. Julia revealed she sleeps in the living room and keeps her shoes in the kitchen by showing some of her shoe boxes placed in the kitchen. Clarified it as a common thing in New Yorkers. 

She also showed her the bed that she used to lay in the living room and said her actual bedroom is now a playroom for her two-year-old boy. 

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Julia opens up about the sentimental relationship with the apartment she currently resides in. According to her, the home is considered her son’s because she has taken him to this home from the hospital. So it is his home. That’s why she still make an interest in this apartment even though she can afford such a bigger home.

Julia shares a two-year-old son called Valentino with her ex Peter Artemiev. And she is having that sense of normalcy for her son. 

Julia wants her son in touch with the real world because she also grew up in the same world. And she wishes her son to have the same experience with the world. 

Then she panned the camera to jer corridor which also was messed up with clothes and toys. Her kitchen was messed up with a lot of boxes and a cotton candy machine.  

She is also vocal about her expensive fashion choices by saying she doesn’t spend her money. She disclosed about her outfits that most of them were designed by young designers who just started in that field. 

And she concluded her apartment tour was accepted by her audience. It got a lot of mixed reviews and comments. Most of those were supportive and appreciative. It really warmed her heart. 

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