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Who Is Kylie McDevitt? All About Jason Kelce Wife



Who Is Kylie McDevitt All About Jason Kelce’s Wife

Jason Kelce is the resounding player in the National Football League, he is a center for the Philadelphia Eagles and has been playing for the team since 2011. The internet is flooded with the happy news of Jason Kelce becoming a father for the third time and his baby is on the way in February 2023. People across the country are pretty much curious to know about Jason Kelce’s wife and more about their relationship. Let us have a brief look at this cute family and their relationship. 

Who is Kylie McDevitt?

Kylie McDevitt is the beautiful wife of the Philadephia Eagles player Jason Kelce. After dating for several months, the couple got married in April 2018, in Philadelphia for five years.  As per sources, the pillar of strength of this amazing player, Jason Kelce’s Wife Kylie McDevitt was born in 1992 on the outskirts of Narbeth, Pennsylvania. 

 Jason Kelce Wife

Kylie McDevitt Early Life And Education

Kylie McDevitt is also into the sports field when she was studying. She was on the Hockey team at the time the university and majored in Communications at Cabrini University. Her high school was Lower Merion High School and she was so into playing Hockey at a very young age. 

When we rattle off her being an athlete, she has scored tremendous achievements during her college year including three defensive savings during a CSAC Championship game. 

Jason Kelce’s Wife Kylie McDevitt was such an enigmatic hockey player at her time and she is indeed the support system of her beloved husband’s career and never fails to mention her love and support via her social media. 

Kylie McDevitt And Jason Kelce’s Relationship

Love is the most immaculate feeling in the world and indeed a difficult one to conquer. But when it comes to Kylie McDevitt and Jason Kelce, their love is flowing like a river for the past years. 

The couple met via the dating app Tinder, and with just a swipe their whole world just changed into something they had never ever anticipated. Highly regarded as one of the sweetest relationships that bloomed via modern fairy-tale. 

The cutest and most lovely couple has welcomed their two children over the past years, and they are exploring the various dimensions of parenting by welcoming their third baby in February 2023. It was back in 2015 that the NFL star and the former hockey player went public when they match on Tinder. Moreover, during the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl LII in 2018, Kylie McDevitt cheered for Jason. 

Kylie McDevitt And Jason Kelce’s Relationship

It was in 2019 that the ideal couple welcomed their first baby girl Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce. 

Jason Kelce’s career has spanned twelve seasons as an NFL star, and his beloved wife often makes his games even more gleaming through her presence. 

Jason Kelce’s Mother Makes A History

The highly anticipated super bowl season is near and it is just a matter of time. On February, 12, we could witness the true spirit and dexterity of brothers that play against each other in the Super Bowl. 

Their beloved mother Donna Kelce is very much active on social media, especially on Twitter which makes her the first mother in NFL history to have her two children play against each other. 

So we could be witnessing a sibling opposition game and the upcoming Super Bowl would be much more gripping and interesting. Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce would fight against each other and people are avidly curious to see the game to witness such a historic play where two brothers fought with diligence. 

Travis Klece would be playing for Kansa City chief and Jason Kelce for Philadelphia Eagles, but we cannot see them playing off head-to-head because they both play on offense, but even though they don’t play at the same time, the upcoming Super Bowl games would be a massive one. 

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