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Fans don’t have to wait longer, The Last of Us Episode 5 Release Date is Confirmed For Friday, Feb 10



Even if the fifth episode of HBO’s apocalyptic thriller The Last of Us is scheduled to be telecast next Sunday Feb 10, it is going to be rescheduled two days before on Friday, avoiding the dilemma of fans choosing it over the Super Bowl. The decision of the network came on behalf of saving the momentum of ratings received by the apocalyptic series.

The Last of Us is a science fiction drama influenced by the popular video game Naughty Dog and creator Neil Druckmann of the same title. Neil is the showrunner along with creator Craig Mazin on the HBO drama. All over, the initial season of the drama will have nine episodes, having six more episodes to be premiered. 

Usually, the show airs weekly every Sunday on both HBO and HBO Max. Since episode 5 is scheduled to be aired early on Friday, the same episode will be telecasted again on Sunday. 

The fourth episode of the show was aired Sunday night, and the network didn’t mention anything about the Super Bowl while denoting the next episode to be aired on Friday. But based on the context it is easily guessed the change of schedule since the network refuses to have a competition, since it is the chief game day for the NFL, and the ratings can easily decline. 

Right after the Super Bowl, the show’s big threat is March 12 when the Oscars ceremony will be held. On the same day, The Last of Us season 1 finale is scheduled. In this situation, nothing was hinted at by HBO regarding a reschedule, but the starting episodes will continue as planned. 

As per reports, The Last of Us series has been gaining impressive ratings, and it is remarkable that the third recent episode  Long Long Time has been achieving widespread attention. The prime reason behind this is the show’s theme, which revolves around the queer 20-year relationship between a couple in between a deadly Cordyceps pandemic. 

Next to the telecasting of this episode, the ratings of the show skyrocketed as it has  6.4 million cross-platform viewers. But for the week right before the third episode, the ratings were standing at 5.7 million. Whereas, the January 15 premiere only earned 4.7 million. 

Considering the various platforms on which the show has premiered the overall views it has achieved is 15 million. The show has been setting new records when compared to other shows that are currently streaming. The show is all about a smuggler Joel and a teenager Ellie and their struggles going through the post-apocalyptic United States, carrying the potential cure they have against the zombie-like pandemic which devastated the world. 

The Last of Us video game was released back in 2013 and the current show is set in 2023. The setting of the show into a global pandemic that causes a mass fungal infection among the world’s population. The fungus inversion forces people to dangerously act like zombies resulting in a  mass slaughter of people everywhere. 

The entire debut season of The Last of Us is filmed in Alberta between 2021 July to 2022 June, by which HBO is premiering its first video game-based show. The show comes as a joint production of Sony Pictures Television, PlayStation Productions, along with Naughty Dog, the Mighty Mint, and Word Games.

The scripts for the show were written by Mazin and Druckman to bring the nine episodes to the screen. Among them, Druckman is the original writer and co-director of the game. The background scores are by Gustavo Santaolalla, who was the composer of the game, along with the assistance of David Fleming. 

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