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Has CBS Announced A Second Season Of “So Help Me Todd”?



Has CBS Announced A Second Season Of So Help Me Todd

“So Help Me Todd” season one had a successful run with an average of 6.3 million viewers per episode; the number is estimated to grow ‌to 7.4 million with another 35 days of multi-platform viewing.

The series has charmed its viewers with the chemistry between Marcia Gay Harden and Sylar Asin, who plays Margaret Wright, and Todd. The show revolves around a dysfunctional family blended with a captivating legal drama based on humor.

Fans Are Excitedly Waiting For The Second Season

The President of CBS Entertainment announced that “it is no wonder that the audience continues to grow. I am delighted that these two inimitable characters and their entertaining banter will extend into a second season”.

So Help Me Todd Season 2

The announcement has thrilled fans for another season as they have been waiting eagerly after watching the first season of the show. Season 2 was announced after the demand for the series was evaluated by ‌reviews and the popularity of the show on social media.

However, the announcement was no surprise that the popularity and rating the show gained the last summer which ranked among one of the most anticipated series along with some of the Kingpins such as The Lord of ‌Rings: The Rings of Power, Walker: Independence, Quantum Leap, and The Winchesters.

As season one is being wrapped up, its popularity has gained a massive high as the series reaches an all-time high for two weeks in a row.

However, for viewers who are curious about dates, we are sorry to inform you that exact launch dates have not yet been confirmed ‌as it is yet to be determined.

Although the series has only recently been renewed for a new season. Hang on tight for the fresh announcements regarding the exact dates of the release of the second season.

The second season may also follow a similar schedule as the first season, subject to airing all the new episodes on Thursday at 9/8 on CBS and later Paramount Plus.

Nevertheless, the count of episodes may differ regarding how the show’s makers want to convey the new plot to the audience, but the average running time of the show might remain the same as the first season.

Following the statement from the CBS president, So Help Me Todd’s official Twitter Handle also released a unique representation where the cast of the series was seen looking at a box that contains Season one of the show, where they were claiming that this can’t be all of it and later only to reveal another box in the shelf named “Season 2: So Help Me, Todd”.

Another thing we can expect in the upcoming season is the cast members. The main cast members who will feature in the same roles are Marcia Gay Harden as Margaret, Skylar Astin as Todd, Madeline Wise as Allison, Rose Evangelina Arredondo as Francey, Inga Schlingmann as Susan, and Tristen J. Winger as Lyle. And some more characters will be induced as leading roles and supporting roles regarding how the story turns out in season 2.

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For those who haven’t watched the show, let me brief you on the thrilling plot of the series. The American legal drama television series follows Todd, a private investigator who is excellent at his instincts. but lacks objectives and directions; agrees to work in her mother’s law firm in Portland, Oregon, as an in-house investigator.

The most twisting aspect of the show is Magaret is strictly hellbent on adhering to the law, whereas Todd ‌is completely the opposite and often breaks the law to overcome tough situations regarding the consequences.

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