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Fast X Release Date: When Is Fast & Furious 10 Coming Out? Latest Updates



Fast X Release Date

The highly acknowledged movie in history, in the Fast and Furious franchise, is all set to hit the theatres worldwide. Fast and Furious, officially titled Fast X would hit the theatres on May 19, 2023. This movie is supposed to be the last chapter in the series franchise, and thus it would bring the exhilarating adventures of Dominic Torreto to a close. So let us have a detailed walkthrough about the details of this impending amazing movie. 

Fast X Release Date

As per sources, the upcoming action thriller movie Fast X is all set to release on May 19, 2023. The previous movie F9 had a massive success at the box office amidst covid pandemic. So this upcoming would also hit the theatres and undoubtedly this last chapter would make history in the Fast and Furious franchise. 

Fast X Release Date

Actually, the movie Fast X was first scheduled to release in April 2021, but it got postponed because the F9 hit with some delays. After that, the movie was rescheduled to release on April 7, 2023, but again due to some reasons, it got delayed again. Finally, after great anticipation, the highly acknowledged movie would hit worldwide on May 19, 2023. 

Will There Be A Fast And Furious 11?

The answer to this particular question would be a big No. As they have stated it clearly that this particular movie would be the final chapter of the story, but the movie would be split into two parts and it is the first part that is releasing on May 19, 2023. 

The main reason for making this Fast and Furious 10 split into two parts is because there are so many scenes and grounds to cover. Vin Diesel in a press event of F9 stated that: “There are so many places and so many locations in the world that we have to visit”. 

So by completing part two of Fast X, the Fast and Furious franchise would come to an end. So whether we call this movie Fast X or Fast XI or Fast and Furious 10.1 and 10.2, the film would be approaching the finish line. 

Is There An Official Trailer For Fast X?

We have to wait for more to see an official trailer for the upcoming movie. As per sources, the trailer will hit debut online on February 9, 2023. Just two days later, the Super Bowl spot will air on Tv. So in order to have glimpses of the upcoming movie’s trailer, we just have to wait a few more days. 

Fast X- Cast

The principal cast of the franchise would return to this Fast X. The key characters that would possibly return to this movie include:

  • Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto – he is the strongest patriarch of his extended family and he is now became a global force as a street racer. 
  • Michelle Rodriguez as Letty Ortiz- she is Dom’s wife who is the formidable fighter and appealing racer
  • Jordana Brewster as Mia Toretto- she is the sister of Dom, and who was the lover and best friend of Brian O’Connor, the late Paul Walker, and she is the mother of two children
  • John Cena as Jakob Toretto – he is the estranged brother of Dom and Mia. moreover, he is a former black ops agent and the unfathomable antagonist of F9. but the antagonist turned out to be an ally to his family at the end of the movie. 
  • Tyrese Gibson as Roman Pierce- he is Brian’s old partner and a fast-talking charmer
  • Chris Ludacris Bridges as Tej Parker – he is also another old friend of Brian, and he serves as a brilliant mechanic
  • Sung Kang as Han Seoul-Oh – Dom’s old friend and he was believed to be dead until F9
  • Nathalie Emmanuel as Ramsey – she is an expert hacker
  • Charlize Theron as Cipher- he is the formidable villain of The Fate of the Furious and a vile cyberterrorist
  • Helen Mirren as Magdalene Queenie Shaw- is the compelling matriarch of the great Shaw family and the  mother of Deckard
  • Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw- he is the son of Queenie and is the frenemy of Dom’s
  • Kurt Russell as Mr. Nobody – a shadowy figure, who is indeed an intelligence officer
  • Lucas Black as Sean Boswell – he is the former Drift kind of Tokyo and Han’s old protege
  • Anna Sawai as Elle – a new character, she was introduced in F9 and serves as one of the members of Dom’s crew

Who Is The Maker Of Fast X?

As was planned earlier, Justin Lin was supposed to be the director of this upcoming movie. He is the director of all the franchise’s movies including, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and Fast and Furious 6. 

But things took a drastic change when Justin Lin decided to step back from this movie due to some disagreements with Vin Diesel. So as per reports, the maker behind this movie is the french filmmaker Louis Leterrier. As we all are well familiar with this name, because he is the mastermind behind movies like, The Transporter, The Transporter 2, The Incredible Hulk, and Now You See Me. 

Where Is Fast X Set?

We could expect that this movie would pick up from what was left of in F9. also, the story would be more or less set in the present scenario and will have some flashbacks in F9. as per the facts that we have, this particular movie is supposed to be a big story and it will take the entire crew into action and cover the whole world and would be a gripping visual feast with exotic vehicles and race. 

Fast X Set

The Speculated Plot Of Fast X

There are no details regarding the plot is available, so we cannot speculate where will this final chapter takes us. But when we take the last chapter into consideration, especially the young and vibrant kids of Dom and Brian, the next part will focus on the next generation of these kids growing up, to be powerful racer agents. So if the movie is going to be in this direction, so the impending movie could have some emotional sequences amid the cacophonies of vehicles smashing and racing. 

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