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Who Is Hayden Panettiere Daughter? All About Hayden Panettiere Family Guide



All About Hayden Panettiere Family Guide Who Is Her Daughter 

Unlike other large royal families, the Panettiere family is pretty small, but they have their own ups and downs just like any other family. The family always have been caring for each other despite each other, actions that led to consequences.

This article discloses the fruitful relationship between the family members as well as bitter truths about their lives. Before we get into the facts about the family. Let me tell you about the person who has been bringing Joy to Hayden and his family.

Hayden Panettiere Daughter, The Father Of Her Daughter, And Other Relationships

Well, it is none other than, her only daughter Kaya, whom she welcomed in December 2014 with her estranged Fiance, world-heavy weight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko.

Hayden Panettiere Daughter 

The couple began dating in 2014 after they met at Diana Jenkin’s Room 23 book launch party. The couple was in on-and-off sessions until she announced her engagement to Klitschko in October 2013. Following a year they gave birth to their daughter.

After struggling with postpartum depression and addiction, she gave away ‌custody of her child to Wladimir. Hayden spoke about ‌this in an interview, where she stated that she felt “horrible” to give away ‌custody.

She continued, “At the same time, I was trying to tell myself that if I am not OK, if I’m not good, then I cannot be the best mom”. She revealed that signing those papers was the most “heartbreaking” thing she had to do in her life.

After Kaya’s birth, Wladimir and Hayden parted ‌ways in 2018 and decided to remain friends. Then, she began dating Brian Hickerson only to separate in 2020, after he was arrested for assault and multiple domestic violence.

Hayden Panettiere Family

In addition to her relationships, Hayden was born to a firefighter, Alan Lee Skip Panettiere, and Lesley Vogel, an American soap opera actress who appeared in 1994’s “Sister Sensei”. When Hayden was thriving in ‌Hollywood, her parents turned to each other in 2008, after his father Skip, struck his hands on his former wife, Lesley Vogel.

Hayden Panettiere Family

At the counter, Skip was sentenced to two years of probation along with a $400 fine and a domestic violence treatment program.

Her parents got divorced in 2012 after 25 years of marriage. They both moved on and Skip started dating a woman named Mekdem, whom he got married to in 2017.

All the children of Skip attended his wedding, in which Hayden served as a bridesmaid and his younger brother Jansen, was a groomsman, while Skip’s granddaughter, Kaya, was one of the flower girls in the ceremony. The ceremony took place in their hometown of Palisades, New York.

Jansen, Hayden’s younger brother was the most trusted person she could have in her family. The duo were very close to each other and shared a series of similar interests such as music, acting, and gymnastics.

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They both were former child actors. Jansen landed his debut role when he was 8 years old, while Hayden appeared in the main role in “One Life to Live” (1994-1996) at the age of 5 years as Sarah Roberts.

Both Hayden and Jansen starred together in 2004’s “Tiger Cruise,” in which she starred as Maddie Dolan and Jansen as Joel. The duo was also featured in 2005’s “Racing Stripes.”

Despite their fruitful relationship, Jansen passed away this last 19th of February at the age of 28. His cause of death has not been disclosed by investigators. They suggested that there was no suspected foul play in his death.

Hayden has not responded to his death. It is highly likely that she is still struggling with the loss of the one person to whom she could relate and share so much about her life.

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