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Who is Sarah Jeffery’s New Boyfriend? Is She Dating Or Married?



Who is Sarah Jeffery's New Boyfriend Is She Dating Or Married

The upcoming “Six Triple Eight” actress, Sarah Jeffery is making headlines for her fabulous look. Netizens wonder who is Sarah Jeffery’s new boyfriend if she is currently dating anyone after she broke up with her co-star.

The 26-year-old actress has been single-handedly enjoying her life for now. As of now, no one has taken her out for dinner or a date. 

We all are aware that she would have gotten requests for dates. It seems that she might be currently focusing on her career as she is still young and still has not reached her peak career. It is important for her to focus on her work and become a star that would go down in ‌history. 

Sarah Jeffery: Truth About Relationship And Career

Sarah Jeffery reportedly had been in a single relationship during her career and it was with Nick Hargrove. Sarah might have learned a thing or two from her previous relationship. Or maybe she is scared to make commitments again. The answer to these questions can be only revealed by Sarah Jeffery. 

Sarah Jeffery-Nick Hargrove

Although, reports suggest that she is more career-focused as she doesn’t want to jeopardize her career by merging with a relationship. This could mean that she currently had a lot on her plate and does not plan to add more.

As we all know, that romance ends up without knocking on the door, especially when not expecting it. As for now, she might have had enough struggles from the first relationship.

Earlier, Sarah dated Nick Hargrove for more than a year before confirming their relationship. They were spotted multiple times hanging out and dining together.

The former couple reportedly began dating after they started to work together in the “Charmed”. The duo instantly hit off after being co-stars. At the time, the fans noticed their spark when the duo was posting a lot about each other.

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However, their relationship was confirmed on 2020 Valentines, when Nick posted several pictures with Jeffery with the caption “The wine tastes better when I’m drinking with you.” the couple did not reveal much about their relationship as they were very personal about it.

It appears that both of them were very supportive of each other and mutual understanding. 

Nevertheless, fans still wonder what went wrong despite their success in overcoming the long-distance relationship.

Sarah broke the news of their breakup in late 2020 on Instagram. She thanked all her fans and loved ones for supporting her through the process and wished everyone a happy birthday in her Instagram stories. However, neither Nick nor Sarah has personally commented on the relationship or the reason for their separation. 

After her break up, she has been low-key about whom she befriends or becomes close with. Up to this date she has not been linked with any rumors regarding anyone. Although, prior to Nick, she was spotted multiple times with another guy.

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Back in 2014, she was spotted with a mysterious handsome guy in a blue hoody, pink baseball cap, and black shorts. His eyes were covered in shades, and standing near Sarah, who was wearing a gray sweater and knee-torn jeans. The identity of the guy remained mysterious as she didn’t reveal the name of the handsome. 

Sarah Jeffery's New Boyfriend

In addition, she was also rumored to be cozying up with ‌pop star Justin Beiber just months after Beiber was rumored to be dating Kourtney Kardashian in 2016.

Sarah and Beiber were captured laughing and chatting together. However, the claims that dating was just rumored. The duo only met in Jennifer Lopez’s “Las Vegas All I have.” It turned out that Sarah never dated Justin as they were casually talking only.

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