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Is Eric Stonestreet Gay? Here’s The Truth



Is Eric Stonestreet Gay Here's The Truth

Eric Stoneheart is infamous for his gay role in “Modern Family” as Cameroon. Cameroon and Mitchel are one of the long-time gay couples in an American television series. Mitchel is played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who is gay in real life.

In the show, the gay couple has been lauded for maintaining the relationship, where they adopted a daughter, Lily, and another child later. They became the household-gay couples in the United States.

The live-on-camera natural acting of Eric Stonestreet has left the audience wondering whether he is gay in real life or not. Some other fans of the show wonder if he has grown any intimate true feelings towards his on-screen partner as they have been together on the show for a couple of years.

These speculations and concerns of Eric Stonestreet have been diverting the internet in the wrong way with rumored statements. However, in this article, you will find out if he is gay in real life or now.

Is Eric Stonestreet Gay In Real Life?

As of now, it is clear to state that despite playing a gay character in Television, Eric Stonestreet is not gay in real life because he is only engaged to his long-time girlfriend and pediatric nurse Lindsay Schweitzer. Stonestreet and Lindsay began dating in 2016 and they got engaged ‌last August.

Is Eric Stonestreet Gay?

In addition, once he was asked about the difficulty of playing a gay character. He responded that “It’s not much that of a deal because I am an actor and play all kinds of roles.” he added that the characters in the roles have nothing much to do ‌with him. He seems to find success with any role he is given. He claims that he never really thought too much about the feelings and emotions of the character he gets to play.

Therefore, it is clear to confirm that Eric Stonestreet has not grown any interest in men, as of today. Although he previously claimed that he is “openly straight,” as well, he does not have any problem with playing a gay role on television. 

A deep insight into his relationship will further confirm that he is not gay in real life. 

Eric Stonestreet Relationships

Lindsay Schweitzer

Eric and Lindsay met at a charity weekend in Kansas City in 2017. They instantly hit off and started dating shortly afterward. Lindsay is a pediatrician nurse and she mostly keeps a low life. After dating for a couple of years, Eric Stonestreet proposed to Lindsay ‌last August. The Emmy Winning actor posted a series of pictures with her fiance to announce the engagement. . In the pictures, Lindsay can be seen wearing one shiny ring on her finger. Sooner or later, Eric has to ditch his on-screen long-time partner and tie the knot with his beloved fiancee.

Eric Stonestreet and Lindsay Schweitzer

Bethenny Frankel

According to reports, Eric and Bethenny Frankel dated for quite some time in 2015 before they parted ways and decided to continue the friendship as they thought it was much better to stay friends. In an interview in 2017, Eric confessed that Bethany was a “wonderful kisser.” In the same interview, Bethany Frankel stated that they were friends and had a fling.

Charlize Theron

In 2012, Eric was rumored to be romantically linked with Charlize Theron, after they got closer through a mutual friend. However, Eric vanished from the rumors by claiming that he is not dating Charlize and asked people to stop spreading the rumors. He joked that Halle Berry would be jealous of hearing the rumors.

Eric Stonestreet and Charlize Theron

Katherine Thokraz

Eric and Katherine Thorkaz reportedly dated for three years from 2009 to 2012. The Emmy winner met ‌Broadway show actress, Katherine Thokraz when she was performing in “Rock of Ages.”

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