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Is Maya Hawke Gay? Truth About Her Sexuality



Is Maya Hawke Gay Truth About Her Sexuality

The discussion of Maya Hawke’s sexuality is currently doing the rounds on the internet because of her on-screen portrayal as Robin in Netflix’s Stranger Things season. The character Robin was introduced in ‌season 3 of the hit web series “Stranger Things” as a love interest for steve. But things turned around when the makers of the show turned the story around to Robin as gay.

Is Maya Hawke Actually Gay?

Many “stranger things” fans expected the duo to hit it off because of the fact that their chemistry was better than any other couple on the show. After breaking up with Nancy, when Steve was about to make a move on Robin, she revealed that she is lesbian and she saw steve as a good friend who she could trust, considering the fear of fate LGBTQ peers suffered back in the 80s. She insisted to the show’s producers that bonding the two characters would only ruin the friendly chemistry between Robin and Steve.

Is Maya Hawke Gay?

We witnessed in season 4 that Robin is holding her feelings for the girl she meets in the band, while Steve motivates her to confess to the girl. While Maya Hawke is lesbian ‌onscreen does not mean that she is lesbian in real life.

Maya Hawke Sexuality

Since her portrayal as Robin, her sexuality has been questioned, if she really is a lesbian? To answer that, Maya has been in multiple relationships up to this date. In addition, she has clarified that she is neither lesbian nor straight. But that does not reach ‌a conclusion.

Therefore, we can’t conclude if she is straight or not clearly unless she reveals it officially. For we can take a peek at her past relationships to find out her interests and preferences.

Maya Hawke’s Dating Life

As of now, Maya Hawke is dating ‌musician Spencer Barnett. The couple was seen together many times in the town of New York. The couple has been dating since 2022. The media outlets have captured the couple kissing in ‌public. However, the couple has not revealed any confirmation regarding their dating despite their appearance at the red-carpet events together.

Is Maya Hawke Gay?Truth About Her

It is believed that both of them met through Levon Hawke, Maya’s brother. Both of them are ultimately private; in their relationship as both of the celebrities are mostly offline. Moreover, Maya also released her debut album, ‌“Blush” in 2020. Which indicates that both of them share a passion for music.

Before dating Spencer, Maya Hawke was spotted with Tom Sturridge, who is famous for the 2022 television series and “The Sandman”.The couple is believed to be dating back in 2020 during Covid and separated after a year and a half of dating. The reason for their breakup was not revealed by any of them. It was reported the couple parted ways due to mutual interest.

The couple had a 13-year-old gap when they started dating; she was 22 and Tom was 35 years old. Although, her fans were relieved to learn that she came out of the long-term relationship. While some others encouraged their relationship to thrive despite the massive age gap.

Maya Hawke’s first publicized relationship occurred with the Chief Executive Officer of Rolling Stone, Gus Wenner. Maya was dating the president of one of the world’s famous magazines. The former couple did not disclose how they met each other. It was presumed that both of the love birds were happy together.

Is Maya Hawke Gay? Truth About Her Sexuality

Maya Hawke used to post pictures of them together; in one picture Maya was seen together with Gus, staring at him with love. whereas in another post they were assumed to be naked, and Maya was seen kissing on the back of the neck. It is believed that the duo had a sparking bond when together. Maya revealed that her songs gave hints about her relationship, such as why it didn’t work out and so. However, it is unclear how long the couple was dating.

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From these close looks at her earlier relationships, it is clear to taste that as of now, Maya Hawke does not have an interest in girls considering her a lesbian. As she is currently dating the upcoming 20-year-old  musician Spencer Barnett, it is clear that she is straight at the moment.

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