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Maggie Q Boyfriend: Her Detailed Dating History



Maggie Q Boyfriends Her Dating History

Maggie Q Boyfriend and dating history are being a major discussion among the fans. Margaret Denise Quigley is popularly known by the name Maggie Q, who is known for her prominence in Hong Kong and in Hollywood.

she has appeared in several movies along with notable stars such as Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible III”. One of the most notable Hollywood industry roles was in the Divergent Trilogy.

Despite her fame and beauty in ‌Hollywood, she revealed that she “never really gets asked out”. Although, it appears as if Maggie Q is the type of woman Hollywood celebrities desire for.

Maggie Q dreams of a guy who takes care of her well-being more than she does. Speaking of that, people in relationships often struggle to keep aware of each other’s well-being.

Maggie Q Boyfriends And Terms Of Dating

According to reports, Maggie Q has not been spotted hanging out with any of the guys. It seems that she had grown to another level of maturity when finding the right guy.

Maggie Q Boyfriends And Terms Of Dating

Margaret has been focusing on her life for the past few years, as she currently runs an Activated You probiotics energy drink and an activewear company called Qeep Up. In addition,  she has appeared in more than five movies in the past few years since his last breakup.

In 2021, she revealed that she remained low-key in terms of dating and that she looks up to a guy who strictly follows a vegan diet. She also admitted that she is very shy about others taking her on dinner dates.

If any of you are hoping to take her, let me remind you to take her to a vegan food joint. She has been single ever since her last breakup.

Let’s look deep into the past relationships of Maggie Q. In the below, you will find out which of the guys had wooed and impressed enough to date her in the past few years.

Dylan McDermot

Margareta and Dylan were notable couples in Hollywood. They were together for almost five years until they called off their long run in 2019.

Maggie Q And Dylan McDermot

Dylan and Maggie Q met while they were filming for the CBS television series Stalker. After they began dating, Dylan would gush about her then-girlfriend in interviews.

The former couple was spotted cozying up in several restaurants. After dating for a year, they announced their engagement in 2015 and revealed that they were looking for a perfect date.

However, their careers and work schedules got hectic and gradually erased the memory of picking the perfect date. 

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As years passed by, the couple got detached from one another. After dating for five years, the couple called off their engagement and parted ways with each other in 2019.

Since then, Maggie Q  is reportedly single.

Brett Ratner

Prior to dating and engaging with Dylan, the “Divergent” actress was rumored to be dating ‌Brett Ratner after they were spotted together in various spots.

Maggie Q And Brett Ratner

Their dating rumors began in 2008 after they appeared at the Botteha Vaneta and Barneys New York Dinner together arm-in-arm.

They were frequently spotted together in restaurants for the next two years. Although, neither of the former couples confirmed ‌the relationship. They were believed to have broken up when they swayed away from the spotlight.

Justin Long

The duo was rumored to be casually seeing each other. Justin was seen with Maggie at the playboy mansion; shortly after he broke up with his then-girlfriend, Kaitlyn Doubleday.

Maggie Q And Justin Long

The reports surfaced that the duo was not seen very often after that, which comes to speculation that they were just hooking up.

The duo remained friends after the incident. Justin revealed that he and Maggie Q often hang out together and even spent a Thanksgiving together. This indicates that they are much better at staying friends than others.

Daniel Henny

Daniel Henny was the first boyfriend with whom she appeared in front of the eyes of the public. The former couple met during their modeling days in 2005. Neither of them commented on their relationship; they had.

Maggie Q And Daniel Henny

It is confirmed that they parted ways in the following year.

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