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Wayne Swinny: Saliva Guitarist Dies At 59 Due To Brain Hemorrhage



Wayne Swinny Saliva Guitarist Dies At 59 Due To Brain Hemorrhage

Due to a brain hemorrhage, Wayne Swinny died tragically at the age of 59, he was a founder member of Saliva Band.

A statement on Facebook titled The death of Wayne Swinny was verified by the band Saliva from Memphis, Tennessee.

“It is with great sadness that we report the passing of our brother Wayne Swinny.”

We were on tour when Wayne suffered a spontaneous brain hemorrhage this afternoon, and he passed away as a result… Those of us who had the pleasure of knowing Wayne will miss him “.

Before making the announcement that details on the funeral arrangements will be made public soon, the band simply stated, “We love you, Wayne”.

Wayne Swinny The Founder Member Of Saliva Band

According to the band, Swinny was found to be in “medical distress” on Tuesday, which resulted in him being admitted to the hospital and later dying due to a brain hemorrhage.

Wayne Swinny  Death

According to the information provided on the Saliva website, the band will be playing in Warrendale, Pennsylvania as part of its Spring Mayhem tour on Tuesday.

It was anticipated that the band will perform in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on Thursday, but it was unclear whether or not they would be able to do so.

Swinny is one of the founding members of the band Saliva, which also includes lead singer Josey Scott, guitarist Chris Dabaldo, bassist Dave Novotny, and drummer Paul Crosby.

1997 saw the release of the band’s debut album, which was simply labeled the band’s name. Three years later, in 2001, the band’s album “Every Six Seconds” was issued by a major record label.

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Since learning of his passing, the lead singer of the band, Bobby Amaru, who joined in 2012, has stated that he will “cherish” his memories of working with him. Bobby Amaru joined the band in 2012.

Bobby Amaru said that He have no idea what to think or how he should feel about this situation. ”  I am incredibly sad to hear about the passing of Wayne’s loved ones as well as his friends. 

His daughter Nikki has my greatest sympathies. That teeny little child meant everything to him.”

The musician commented on Swinny, saying that he would “go out of his way to make sure that you had a good time.”

When the transmission was being terminated, Amaru remarked, “He was the older brother I never had. I was able to pick up a lot of knowledge from him, and in addition to that, we had a lot of fun together! That is something I will always hold in the highest regard.

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