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Is Holly Holm Transgender? What You Want To Know!



Holly Holm Transgender

For unknown reasons, people have been speculating that Holly Holm is transgender. Multiple social media users have questioned her gender, whether she is a woman or transgender. It may be due to her well-built body. Due to rising concerns, social media is flooded with whether transgender athletes can compete in the competition or not.

It is the responsibility of the organization to establish clear policies and rules regarding the selection for participation in the event as well as whether to include transgenders in the sports or not.

Guidelines Regarding Participation Of Transgenders

Since transgenders possess different abilities than women, several critics have been opposing the idea of including transgender athletes in the women’s category. These same critics suggest establishing a different category for ‌transgenders to compete in of their own. 

Guidelines Regarding Participation Of Transgenders

Although the idea of conducting sports events for the transgender category is fair as it provides chances for talented individuals to represent their LGBTQ community. In this way, all individuals will be equally treated.

Even when we term the era as the modern world, there still are many limited-minded individuals who could not adapt to the modern way of thinking such as equal rights of all individuals despite race, religion, etc

Is Holly Holm Transgender?

One thing we can be sure about is that Holly Holm cannot be transgender; because of the current guidelines regarding the participation of transgender. According to the rules transgenders are not allowed to participate in the competition. Holly has attended both of these events. This indicates that she is not transgender.

Holly Holm Transgender

Talking about Holly Holm is not transgender. She has been mistakenly accused of her well-built appearance. At the same time claiming such bogus statements is evidently unfair for a professional boxer who has accomplished almost every objective and obtained most of the titles in the fighting category.

Holly Holm’s Career

In total, she has won 33 times out of 38 fights in professional boxing along with 3 draws and 2 losses. In these 33 wins, she defeated her opponents 9 times in knockouts and 24 times by decision. Her last professional boxing match was against Mary Mcgee where she retained the IBA female and WBF female light welterweight titles on May 11, 2013.

In terms of Mixed Martial Arts, she began her martial arts career at the age of 30 on March 4, 2011. After competing in Legacy Fighting Championship, she signed a multi-fight deal with Ultimate Fighting Championship on 10 July 2014.

Holly’s unique fighting style has always been an advantage for her. The opponents find it difficult to keep up with her. Her frequent movements and jabs to the opponent’s head were always successive. She has ‌a habit of waiting to attack counter-strikes when the opponents are least expecting.

In addition to all this, her footwork is what allows her to perform rapidly. The opponents believe she has three signature kicks one often targeting the body with a quick side kick, the second one a low oblique quick to the pushing the opponent backward, and the final kick attacking the head with her left high kick.

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Early Life

To confirm her roots as a woman, Holly was born to Roger, a fighter and also a preacher, whereas her mother Tammy is a massage therapist. Holly obtained her fighting skills from her father. She began kickboxing and boxing when she was 16 years old. While growing she played soccer and participated in gymnastics as well as swimming. 

Holly Holm's Career

Her parents divorced while she was studying at Manzano High School in 2000. Despite her struggles, she kept on training with her instructor, Mike Winkeljohn, who recognized her potential to become a professional fighter.

She initially competed in amateur boxing and eventually made her debut in professional boxing, where she broke several records and became one of the best female fighters in the world.

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