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Who Is Daniel Wai? Ariana Madix Kisses Daniel Wai At Coachella



Who Is Daniel Wai Ariana Madix Kisses Daniel Wai At Coachella

It would appear that Ariana Madix has moved on from her relationship with Tom Sandoval.

The Vanderpump Rules star, who is 37 years old, has moved on from the incident that involved her affair with the good-looking personal trainer Daniel Wai.

After looking at a few of Ariana and Daniel’s Instagram Stories during the first weekend of the 2023 Coachella Music Festival, it would appear that the two are having a fantastic time.

Ariana is seen giving Daniel a bear hug in a video clip that was shared on Daniel’s platform as part of a Story.

After this video clip, another one that showed the two of them dancing to Blackpink’s Saturday night performance played.

Ariana and Daniel were seen making out on the field when they were attending the event together.

Who Is Daniel Wai? Are They In A Relation?

Ariana Grande’s Instagram Story is littered with references to Daniel Wai. Similarly, she is over over heels for him, and on day two, they spent the evening dancing the night away and even took a nice photo together.

Ariana Madix Kisses Daniel Wai At Coachella

Despite the fact that Dan seems to be hanging out with her other pals, it seems as though the two of them are dating. Ariana uploaded a selfie of her holding hands with someone earlier on Friday.

The person’s face is concealed in the photo, but all signs point to Danny Boy being the person she is holding hands with.

Around 15,000 people follow him on social media, and it’s obvious that he puts a lot of thought and effort into his work because he posts a lot of short clips and photographs of himself working out in the gym.

The Vanderpump Rules star, who is 37 years old and was left heartbroken by the betrayal, gave off the impression that she was having fun at the music festival.

The famous person covered her face in rhinestones and glitter and wore a brilliant yellow bikini under a ripped black fishnet cover-up to show off her toned abs. She also embellished her body with glitter and rhinestones.

While the sun was still up, she combed through her long blonde hair and put on a pair of spectacles with silver-rimmed frames.

Following the events of the scandal, Leviss checked herself into a facility for mental health treatment, which opened the door to the prospect of her beginning a new romantic relationship.

In a photo that was uploaded on Ariana’s Instagram Story, the two of them can be seen dancing together amid the audience while Ariana rests her head on Daniel’s shoulder.

Wai wore a blue flowery blouse with rolled sleeves in one photo and a black Supreme top in another.

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While a makeup artist was giving her a glam makeover and applying her jewelry and cosmetics, he was also visible in the background of the photos.

On Friday, Ariana made an appearance at the launch ceremony for Celsius Oasis Vibe while wearing her most recent “revenge look,” which consisted of a rainbow cut-out shirt with sheer sleeves and daisy dukes.

Ariana Madix Kisses Daniel Wai

Ariana Grande was seen walking hand in hand with Scheana Shay, who is 37 years old, and her husband, Brock Davies, who is 31 years old.

Scheana, who has denied hitting Leviss in the face, wore a dazzling white crocheted bikini set that matched her tassel-adorned top. Scheana has also denied punching Leviss, as he has claimed.

Following the revelation that Leviss had entered into a mental health facility amidst the continued consequences of her affair with Sandoval, Madix was discovered. This came about when it was reported that Leviss had checked in.

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