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Is Post Malone Gay? Unraveling His Sexual Orientation



Is Post Malone Gay Unraveling His Sexual Orientation

To clear the confusion, up to this date, Post-Malone has not yet clarified his sexuality in public. He cannot be considered ‌gay or straight unless he opens up about it. There are several biased reports claiming that he is bisexual as well as that he is straight. Some think the way he dresses would turn him into a bisexual.

It is absurd to judge the sexuality of someone by the way he dresses or how they appear. This article will intend to follow the previous relationships of Post-Malone that could come to a conclusion about whether he is gay or not.

Is Post Malone Gay? His Relationships 

Mystery Fiance

Currently, Post-Malone is reported to be engaged to his long-time girlfriend. In an interview, Malone stated that he has welcomed his first child, her fiance. However, her fiance’s name has not been revealed up to this date. Post Malone loves to keep his life private. Earlier in 2022, he was excited to ‌announce his first baby. But he never revealed the information regarding the fiance even then.

Post Malone-Mystery Fiance


Post-Malone was earlier linked with Korean singer and visual artist MLMA in early 2020. MLMA is known as Me Love Me A Lot. The visual artist has not revealed her name up to this date. The rumors of the dating were exhumed when MLMA shared a clip of both of them cuddling in the studio. Their video received millions of likes and the fans were delighted to find out the news. 


The relationship was called off after a short period. The reason for their break has been still winding up as they haven’t revealed the topic.

Kano Shimpo

Malone started dating the famous model Kano in 2019 after he separated from Diaz. His relationship with Kano Shimpo was very private. Moreover, they were together only for three months. They began dating in August and ended their romance in November 2019. The tabloids many times captured the couple partying and enjoying vacations. Despite, their relationship being private, it caught the limelight for fans.

Kano Shimpo

No details are available about the couple, which means they did an amazing job of keeping their private lives out of the noses of media outlets.

Ashlen Diaz

This was supposed to be the first publicized relationship between Post-Malone. He dated Ashlen Diaz back in 2015 when the rapper was a newbie in the music industry. The duo initially slid into each other’s arms even before the release of his first single, “White Iverson.” The couple used to text online until she booked a show in Dallas, where they both could finally talk in person.

Post Malone was also strictly private about this relationship, too. He never disclosed anything in the initial stages of dating. In 2016, he revealed in an interview that they were back together after a break. They officially spilled out about their break-up in 2018.

Post Malone-Ashlen Diaz

Apart from these, Post Malone might have many dating series. He is admired by many celebrities in Hollywood. Once American actress Lucy Hale admitted that she had a crush on Malone. She might be the mysterious woman. 

Since it is Malone, his life is very private, and one can only learn about his life when he reveals it.

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From these close looks at the girlfriends of Post-Malone, one can figure out his interests. However, no one can deny that he is interested in bisexuality unless he officially confirms it. Till then, rumors are bound to fly.

However, at this minute, it is reported that he is currently a father to a beautiful baby whose mother remains mysterious. This proves that his primary interest lies in taking care of the family and that his sexuality remains mysterious as long as he reveals his fiance.

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