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PopularMMOs, Pat Arrested: Reason Behind The Arrest Revealed



PopularMMOs, Pat Arrested Reason Behind The Arrest Revealed

Patrick Thomas Julianelle widely known as PopularMMOs, a 34-year-old famous YouTuber and gamer is arrested due to heading into some legal trouble. As per the report, two others were also arrested namely Michael Richmond, 24, and Ethan Davies, 25. The arrest was due to the pitch invasion incident during the Jacksonville Jaguars match.

Patrick along with Michael filed a criminal conspiracy due to the spoiling of peace as both of them played behind the whole plan. While Ethan who made the run was arrested by charging with criminal mischief and breaching the peace. Michael is also charged case for the usage of drugs. 

According to the report, Ethan ran to the ground with a football during the game. Due to this nuisance, the game met a complete pause for 1 minute and 42 seconds which delayed the game and troubled millions. Many of the staff and officials had to take an effort to move Ethan from the ground.

Why Pat Was Arrested Before?

Pat was arrested twice for spoiling the rules before. One was on May 16, 2021, and according to the report of Dual County, the arrest was due to a domestic battery accusation. As per the report of the police, the arrest happened because of the publishing of opposing stories by him and his girlfriend.

PopularMMOs, Pat Arrested Reason Behind The Arrest Revealed

Later he was forced to write on Twitter that the incident was a false accusation. He also remembered making a sarcastic reply to his ex-girlfriend, Eleni for betraying him in front of the law and harassing him and his girlfriend, Liz publicly by tweeting ‘You are a terrible person’. Pat had to stay in custody for 3 long days and was released on May 19, 2021, only after paying compensation of $2,503.

After this incident, on May 18, 2021, his ex-wife, Jen made the situation worse by digging up one of his comments on Twitter which said that Patrick likes to abuse women.

However, later, Jen apologized by telling that the incident occurred accidentally and she did not even face any trace of abuse from Pat in their 10-year life journey.

However, troubles did not leave Patrick after this incident, besides issues hunted and chased him often. And on June 20, 2022, Pat again faced an arrest for assaulting with a deadly weapon.

PopularMMOs is a famous American YouTuber who is widely known for doing Plays on Minecraft. He also played several games like Five Nights at Freddy’s, The Impossible Quiz, and others. His videos are getting great reach among the audience. He is one among the 32 highlighted Youtubers in the YouTuber Intro Challenge of Kris Madas. Patrick even received the Kids’ Choice Award in 2020. 

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In the beginning, Patrick did the complete vlogs along with his ex-wife, GamingWithJen who made the program entertaining with her humorous commentary. Both of them together performed different challenges and roleplays together.

After the separation, Pat took charge of the vlog and he also did not fail to introduce his new girlfriend, Elizabeth through the program. Patrick is basically from Connecticut and migrated to Jacksonville, Florida. Here he lives with Elizabeth and his pet cat, Cloud.

Pat also had another girlfriend, Eleni after the separation from Jen, his ex-wife. They broke up when Eleni misused the chances provided by Pat through his YouTube vlogs. Eleni was actually making use of Patrick for raising subscribers and gaining fame among the audience.

However, Pat was able to recognize this within less time and they handle different YouTube channels now. Even though Pat is trying to settle the matter, Eleni is making the matter more complicated by claiming several mistakes of Pat and digging it up making him in trouble.

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