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The Best Games to Try Out on Your Mobile



Grabbing that quick thrill that only a game of chance can provide used to be such hard work. We used to dress up and trek to casinos – or sit at the desk to fire up some huge computer the size of a dishwasher.

Today it has never been easier to jump on a game. It’s all because of the mobile gaming revolution.

Everyone can now play great games where and when they want. A generation ago that option simply didn’t exist.

Mobile games have become incredibly popular thanks to leaps in accessibility, technology and changing cultural attitudes.

Remember that mobile games only began around the early 2000s with basic efforts like Snake and Tetris pre-installed on phones.

The introduction of smartphones with touchscreens and app stores, like Apple’s App Store and Google Play, allowed developers to create more sophisticated offerings like Angry Birds (2009) and Candy Crush Saga (2012).

Then came the Freemium Model, where games are offered for free but include in-app purchases.

This encouraged players to download and try games without upfront costs. The highlights were games like Clash of Clans (2012) and Pokémon GO (2016) utilized this approach.

Many mobile games allowed players to connect with friends and share their progress. The mobile games attracted new players who weren’t traditional gamers.

Since then some mobile games, like Flappy Bird (2013) and Among Us (2020) have gained huge popularity via social media. The mobile gaming industry has become one of the most influential segments in the gaming landscape.

But there are now so many great games out there (hundreds of thousands at the latest count!) it’s hard to know which ones to play. We all like different things so we’ve gone on a purely subjective tack here.

Here is our PERSONAL pick of the best current games to try on your mobile today:

Raid: Shadow Legends

People tend to love or hate role-playing games – but we think everyone should try this top-fuel dragster of mobile gaming. It’s an RPG that looks amazing – with brilliant 3D graphics taking over your mobile screen.

It’s a game to unleash everyone’s inner superhero in a sequence of spectacular battles full of pyrotechnic displays. There so much variety and so many paths to take it may seem a little daunting to first-timers though.

Find an expert hand-holding guide to get started. Try

Big Bass Bonanza

What! We’ve chosen a fishing-themed slot?

Hey, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. We think this neat classic from Pragmatic Play is simply one of the best contemporary slots out there.

Firstly it’s a laugh, with all those fish flopping around.

And it’s full of extras, like the impressive free spins to raise the win potential. Then there’s the thrill of a maximum jackpot – up to 2,100x your bet.

Not only do you get bonus spins but extras like money symbols and ‘Wild Meter’ add to the complexity and sheer fun value.

Look out for the ‘Wild’ fisherman symbol. He has a special power – and that can tot up your final total payout.

Start slowly, there’s a lot more to this game than meets the eye. And be sure to play Big Bass Bonanza at a reputable site.

Forge of Empires

You want variety – we’re certainly dishing it out. Forge of Empires is a free-to-play mobile strategy game that is full of epic content.

Start by forming your own settlement and see it develop over history. Then take it into the future.

On and there are loads of invading nations to defeat in wars too.

It’s a must for lovers of history, sci-fi, strategy, warfare and just about everything. We know players who have spent HUNDREDS of hours immersed in Forge of Empires.

Pokemon GO

You didn’t expect this did you? Well, before you roll your eyes just try it.

This game launched in 2016 and is still a major global success. That is a hint that it’s actually, despite all the hype, rather brilliant.

This was the game that brought AR and location-gameplay to the masses using its stable of cute monsters a generation grew up with.

We’re all a bit more adult now but GO is worth revisiting. There’s a reason why it stood the test of time.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Sorry to be predictable but this really is the most comprehensive online shooter package ever created.

It’s fast, it’s slick and it looks great. And there’s a lot to it, with all those modes and scenarios to explore.

Remember that getting started with ANY mobile game is simple, thanks to the ease of new smartphones and the design of dedicated game or casino apps.

Mobile gaming’s evolution shows no signs of slowing. Whatever games you choose, we can all look forward to even more immersive, interconnected, and engaging experiences in the future.

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