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How has technology influenced the development of today’s video games?



When we face the idea of ​​developing video games, many times we don’t know where to start, what skills or what technologies we are going to use.

However, we know that thanks to technology, the video game industry has advanced by leaps and bounds, to such an extent that it is probably one of the most prolific industries of humanity. Solutions based on video game technologies have been pioneers in providing innovative and facilitating tools for developers. Moreover, technology has not only transformed traditional video games but has also improved and made online gambling platforms safer. The latest advancements make online gaming more exciting and secure, providing players with a better experience.

We are going to do a brief review of different technologies and tools necessary in the world of video game creation.

To start, we have to differentiate between 2D and 3D video game development. We will start by talking about some of the graphics engines specialized in creating 2D games, many of which have been developed in recent years.

2D software


With quite intuitive programming based on the use of blocks, which can be extended whenever necessary through the use of the programming language. GameMaker is a graphics engine mainly focused on 2D based on the use of events and logical triggers. In addition to allowing the creation of cross-platform games, something that must always be taken into account.

RPG Maker

This graphics engine is mainly specialized in the creation of RPG (role playing game) type games, one of the strong points of RPG Maker for people who are entering the world of video game development is that it can start creating easily without needing to know how to program.

2D coconuts

This graphics engine is based on the C++ programming language and also allows us to generate cross-platform projects. It would be a much more advanced graphics engine than the previous two that we have seen, which also, on the other hand, implies that it is a graphics engine with greater complexity.

3D development


This tool can be used for free based on the income generated by our projects. It could be considered one of the great graphics engines used by indie or low-budget studios.

Although it has been classified as a video game graphics engine 3D, we could say that it is multipurpose a>multi-platform format., being able to easily carry out projects in 2D and 3D, in addition to being able to carry out these projects in.


Unreal is another of the graphics engines chosen by ‘indie’ to carry out their work. In the same way as with Unity, this software is free based on the income generated through the products made with it. And the results obtained with this graphics engine are totally professional results.

We could also talk about other types of graphic engines for creating video games, but not everything in video games is programming, year after year, companies invest more and have better results in terms of their products: graphics, experience, playability, immersion.

We have reached a point where technology has been essential to cross the barriers of the physical and begin to imagine ourselves within the video games themselves, and we do so thanks to virtual reality.

Technologies that accompany the evolution of the industry

Virtual reality in video games

The secret of virtual reality is that it is ultra-realistic, the best graphics show that the experience is an investment for the player, and already projects like Oculus Rift, Avengant Glyph, or OSVR Razer promise to dominate the video game market in a couple of years.

At the moment it is an alternative that is available and many people who love video games enjoy it, but there are few games that are really better in virtual reality than on a conventional console since generally these gadgets are still not for everyone and they make you a little dizzy, they isolate you from the world completely; and that is something that many people are not willing to do.

Mobile games with augmented reality: Pokémon Go

Now there are cases that have been successful on a smaller scale, such as the great Pokémon Go, a game that unites the virtual with reality in a very nice way and that has opened a great door towards the development of video games of the same style.

This is just a brief review of the infinite amount of technologies that the video game industries and programmers use to create some titles that are successful today. However, the video games that are currently successful are, to a greater or lesser extent, a way of representing the direction of what society wants and seeks.

If the technology that is advancing is really one that tries to dissipate the differences between what is real and what is created digitally by computer, that only tells us two things: that being human is very perfectionist and wants everything that in reality he cannot get; but the beautiful thing is that when it comes to video game programming… nothing is impossible.

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