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4 Roulette Betting Tips



Roulette is for the most veteran casino player risk takers. The wheel is randomized so you never know which number it’s going to land on. No matter how many guesses you make, there’s a very slight chance that the number you select during the betting phase will be the number that the roulette ball lands on when the dealer starts the game.

While it’s not guaranteed that you may ever win a game of roulette (and if you have before, congratulations!), we want to give you 4 of the best tips to make the most informed bet decisions that could maybe increase your chances. Be aware that these are tactics based on statistics and that even in following these suggestions, it may still not net a win. Have fun with your gameplay experience and happy wheel spinning!

1. Take the Wins and Walk Away And Know When To Stop Playing After Many Losses

When you are playing roulette, it’s easy to get caught up in the motions of making the bets and attempting to try again if you’re on a losing streak. The best tip is to enjoy and take the small wins and move on in that instance. You should also know to move on when you are experiencing repeated losses so that your bankroll doesn’t get too low quickly. From there, you can try another roulette wheel on an online casino or another one of your favorite games.

2. Make Bets On More Numbers Than Just a Straight-Up Bet

A straight-up bet is when you put on a chip on only one number on the roulette betting board. While it’s a 37 to 1 chance of landing on that number you chose, you will only be paid out 35 to 1 if you successfully win the bet.

Hence, you can increase your chances of possibly winning by betting on the numbers of all one color (almost 50% chance by selecting black or red). Deciding to bet on odd numbers only or even numbers only gives a payout of 1 for 1 just like if you were to bet on one color or the other. These tactics are called making outside bets because they cover more numbers of a straight-up bet, and enhance the probability of the ball landing on one of them. While the payouts are not as high as a straight-up bet win, there is a possibility of more wins as more numbers are covered while betting.

Of course, you can put your chips on all the numbers on the betting board, including 0 and 00 for the utmost chance of possibly winning.

3. Play Roulette Games With A Lower House Edge

A higher house edge for a roulette wheel means that the dealer has a better chance of winning than you claiming victory with your chosen bet. Selecting a roulette wheel on an online or in-person casino with a lower house edge can maybe enhance your winning chances. But again, remember that there’s no guarantee.

4. Go By the Hot and Cold Numbers

Roulette is mainly about chance and luck, so some players may get superstitious about possibly winning by betting on one of the hot and cold numbers on the wheel. Please note that this suggestion is not guided by statistics like the other ones so tread lightly if you decide to go this route.

Hot numbers are the ones that have been landed on the most in the past 24 hours or within the last 500 spins of that roulette wheel. Alternatively, cold numbers are the ones that have been landed on the least within those same ranges. For example, if the hot numbers are 7, 16, and 33, you might do a straight-up bet by picking one of these numbers or put your chips on all 3 to see what happens.


Whatever tactic you decide to try, remember that roulette is a random game of chance and anything is possible.

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