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Are Shakira And Jimmy Butler Dating? Find Out If Love Is In The Air!



Are Shakira And Jimmy Butler Dating

Sources have revealed something interesting about the well-known singer Shakira and her love life. After suffering multiple heartbreaks, the 46-year-old singer has again started hunting for true love.

She is currently romanticizing with Jimmy Butler. Her association with Jimmy has come to light and has become the drawing room matter of discussion for many. It is because Jimmy is 13 years younger than her.

However, Shakira has no issues with the age gap and has expressly revealed in a recent interview that Jimmy is the first one in her life to make her laugh during the toughest hours. She has been in a good state ever since meeting with him. Therefore, she doesn’t care about what people gossip about her relationship with Jimmy.

How did it all start?

Jimmy and Shakira were seen together at the 2023 NBA Playoffs. Ever since then, they have been out on dates, dinners, and vacations. They attended Wimbledon and, from there, boarded a flight to London to have dinner at Shakira’s favorite restaurant.

Shakira And Jimmy Butler

Paparazzi captured them getting cozy inside the restaurant, which was definitely the moment when people believed that they were both dating. However, Shakira and Jimmy have never admitted that they are committed to each other.

In a recent interview, Shakira revealed that she has no issue with an age gap and expressed her gratitude towards Jimmy for always being there for her.

What is the present status of their relationship?

Jimmy and Shakira seem to enjoy each other’s company. They have gone on many vacations together. They do not resist sharing their latest updates with all their fans and followers via their Instagram and Facebook handles.

Life has been good to them over the period. However, there is something that has to be taken into account. Many of Shakira’s fans cannot comment on this relationship’s sustainability.

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According to them, it is too early for them to say this. This is because Shakira just broke up with Gerard a short time ago.

It would not be easy to specify if Shakira’s association with Jimmy is casual or if they are seriously looking for some future together. The truth will gradually unfold with time, but until then, it is advisable to take note of every development of their relationship with time. 

What does Jimmy say about his relationship with Shakira?

Since Shakira moved to Miami with her kids, Jimmy has accompanied her wherever she goes. The 33-year-old NBA athlete does mind his age gap with the Columbian star either. However, he prefers staying away from the media because it does not make sense to him for the time being.

When questioned about his association with Shakira, he requested everyone to stay distant from his personal life. He has also appealed to the media agencies to provide some privacy to Shakira, who continues to grapple with her personal issues. It seems like their relationship is developing, and it will take to bloom. 

However, Jimmy has no chance to spend time with Shakira. Recently when Shakira attended the Heat Games, he was spotted sitting two rows next to her. They appeared together at Shakira’s concert as well. Their relationship is progressing slowly and gradually with time.

It is expected that they might end up being in a serious relationship some time. Jimmy is completely devoted to his lady love. He looks after her children while she is not around. It clearly shows that they enjoy a great level of understanding. While both of them try their level best to save their relationship from the media, they end up being caught every time.

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