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Is Mae Martin Transgender? Exploring the Rumors Surrounding Gender Identity



Is Mae Martin Transgender Truth About Mae Martin's Gender Identity

There has been confusion over whether Mae Martin is transgender or a lesbian ever since she disclosed her sexuality. Several queries have been emerging regarding her gender identity.

Although, what she said was very clear. She neither revealed that she is transgender nor lesbian. It appears that Mae Martin’s sexuality is evolving. This means that she might adapt to another sexuality according to her taste.

Who Is Mae Martin?

Martin is a well-known comedian and actor. Like any other individual, she has the right to choose her sexuality. Martin’s works are widely celebrated by her loving fans. Thus, they have been wondering what she meant by sexual revelation. Although, a part of a section of her fans is clear about what she meant.

Mae Martin Transgender

With her gradual success in the entertainment industry, it is imperative that the rest of her fans know about her sexual preference and gender. To furnish the right details, we have carefully analyzed what she meant in numerous interviews. In this, we are here to explain what she disclosed about her sexuality.

What Is Martin’s Sexuality And Gender?

Martin revealed her sexuality in an Instagram post. The 35-year-old came out as a non-binary, which means that she does not have an attraction to a specific gender, which evidently falls under the transgender. But it is clear that she did not label herself as transgender then.

The Instagram post dates back to April 2021. She wrote, “Hello! The way I feel about my gender identity is ongoing and evolving. And it’s personal, but I thought it might be good to say for clarity and in case anyone finds it helpful.”

she continued to express that she was bisexual and preferred pronouns they/them as well as attracted to all genders. She elaborated that she was struggling with gender dysphoria sometimes, which she has been experiencing ever since she was a kid.

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Martin added that they felt more confident wearing binders during photoshoots and dealing with anxiety.

“Anyway, this aspect of my identity is just one part of me and not the main part at All, but I get asked about it a lot in interviews/by online people and am often inaccurately referred to as a female comedian or a lesbian comedian, so I thought I’d just clarify.”

What they meant was they don’t recognize herself as a woman despite her feminine appearance. As they mentioned above that currently gender is evolving and figuring out what they prefer

Martin concluded the statement by revealing that they haven’t been publicly clear about their gender to friends and family as well. Martin continued that they were still trying to figure out the sexuality and thought would be nicer if they became transparent. So that, Mae can go back to engaging in conversation about Bette Midler, corn sloths, etc.

Is Mae In A Relationship?

It is unclear whether Mae Martin is currently dating anyone. The comedian has not disclosed any heads-up regarding her dating life. Although Mae has been romantically linked with numerous stars.

In late 2022, rumors sparked that Mae was in a relationship with Elliot Page, who was famous for her role in The Umbrella Academy. Although, it is clear that both of the celebrities have a strong friendship and are supportive of each other. Neither the celebrities have confirmed the rumor.

Another rumor widely circulated was between Mae and Brett Goldstein. Ever since Mae and Bret started working together relationship rumors have been widely circulated claiming that they were dating. These rumors were further fuelled when Mae Martin was spotted lip-locking with Brett. They posted the same on Twitter and wrote “It’s called friendship, heard of it??”

It appears that both of them share a bond of friendship and they clearly are not dating.

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