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Who Is Lori Harvey’s Boyfriend Damson Idris? Lori’s Relationship History



Who Is Lori Harvey’s Boyfriend Damson Idris Lori’s Relationship History

Lori Harvey is a famous model popularly known as the daughter of Television personality Steve Harvey. Loris revealed her relationship with British actor Damson Idris. 

The couple made their red carpet debut on 15 Wednesday night. Lori Harvey hit headlines for dating high-profile personnel including Memphis Depay, Damson Idris, and Michel B Jordan.

Lori Harvel was dating the Snowfall Star, Damson Idris for one year. Speculations regarding their relationship spread over the Internet. People began to make several romantic touches of humor after they appeared together in several spots in 2022. 

Lori shared several photos of her birthday celebration on her Instagram with Idris. She captioned “If you missed it I hate this for you”. It helped the people to confirm that they were dating and spending time together. 

The couple shared several photographs on the Internet. Photographs from the red carpet also went viral.   

Who Is Damson Idris?

Damson Idris is a British actor best known for his role in Netflix’s Science fiction film Outside the Wire.

Lori Harvey and Damson Idris

He was born in Peckham on September 2, 1991. He was born to his Nigerian parents as one of six children. 

He is a die heart fan of football. He also played soccer and rugby. He completed his studies in drama at Brunel University and graduated in Theater, Film & Television studies. He is best known for his roles in Miranda, Casualty, and Doctors. 

 Her Past Romance With Memphis Depay

Lori dated popular soccer player Memphis Depay from 2016 to 2018. She was 20 and Depay was 29. The couple engaged in 2017.

Both of their families were supporting their relationship. Lori’s father Steve Harvey announced the engagement of his daughter through his social media. 

Lori Harvey and Memphis Depay

Later news about their split also came in 2018. The couple ended their romance due to several personal issues. Lori came up with an explanation for her engagement “I almost got married very young.

I felt like I hadn’t experienced anything. I didn’t really know myself, I didn’t really know what I liked or what I didn’t like. I just like I haven’t experienced life”

Her Past Romance With Micahel B. Jordan

Lori Starvey was dating actor Michael B. Jordan from 2020 to 2022. The couple made several appearances together in the public.

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lori harvey and michael b. jordan

They were spotted at an airport and several photographs and video clips spread over the media of the couple arriving together. 

In 2021, Lori and Michael announced their relationship on their official Instagram along with a photograph of them. In 2022, the duo decided to split. The reason for their split is still unspoken. 

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