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Marla Maples’s Net Worth: How Rich Is Trump’s Ex-Wife?



Marla Maples's Net Worth How Rich Is Trump's Ex-Wife

Famously known as former US President Donald Trump’s second wife, Marla Ann Maples is an American actress, television personality, singer, presenter, and model.

Born on October 27, 1963, in Cohutta, Georgia, Maples’s father Stanley Edward Maples was a real estate developer, and her mother Ann Locklear Maples was a homemaker and model.

After completing her high school education at Northwest Whitfield High School in Tunnel Hill, Georgia, Maples competed in several beauty contests and pageants and went on to win several prestigious titles.

Later she joined the University of Georgia to pursue college studies but left midway before graduating.

Maples met Donald Trump in 1989 and their relationship started when Trump was already married to Ivana, his first wife. Later Trump got divorced Ivana and married Maples on December 20, 1993.

The couple has a daughter, Tiffany Trump born before their marriage. Later, in 1997, Maples and Trump parted ways and got divorced on June 8, 1999. 

In 1991, Maples made her appearance as a celebrity guest at WWF WrestleMania VII. The same year also witnessed Maples kick-starting her miniscreen career by making a special appearance as herself in ‘Designing Women’, the popular television series.

Her major movies include Maximum Overdrive, Executive Decision, For Richer or Poorer, and Happiness. Marla also hosted Awakening with Marla, her talk radio show aired on Contact Talk Radio.

Key Facts About Maples

  • During her senior year at school, Maples has crowned the 1980–1981 homecoming queen.
  • Her major achievements in fashion pageants include winning the Miss Resaca Beach Poster Girl Contest in 1983, runner-up to Miss Georgia USA in 1984, and the Miss Hawaiian Tropic in 1985.
Key Facts About Maples
  • In 1994, she made a cameo appearance along with her then-husband Donald Trump in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’, an American television sitcom.
  • Maples co-hosted the Miss Universe Pageant consecutively for two years in 1996 and 1997 and Miss USA Pageant in 1997.
  • In 2013, she was featured on the American reality television series ‘Oprah: Where Are They Now?’.
  • She was a keynote speaker at the London Speakers Bureau, handling topics such as inspiring women, wellness, spirituality, and motivation.
  • She was featured in the Summer of Peace Summit 2018 and discussed topics such as peace and finding common ground.

Marla’s sources of income

Her main source of income is by acting in television shows and movies. A multi-talented artiste, Marla also makes money from music, theatre, and radio. Apart from the famous ‘Designing Woman’, she has also acted in other television shows such as ‘The Nanny’.

In the past, Marla has also earned income by being a contestant in dance competition television series such as ‘Dancing with the stars’, starred in advertising campaigns, and designed a line of maternity clothes.

The Latest Net Worth Of Marla

As of December 2022, Marla’s net worth stands at $6 million. 

Marla’s Houses

In November 1999, Marla bought a home in Calabasas, California paying a whopping $1.349 million. Later, in July 2013 she sold this home for $2.2 million. After selling her California home, Marla purchased a condo in New York City not far from Central Park.

Marla’s Cars

In 1992, Donald Trump bought a black-colored, 1991 model Acura NSX for Marla. It is the Honda NSX that is marketed in North America under the brand name Acura NSX. 

Marla Maples house and car

In 2005, Marla sold off that car on eBay for a sum of $48,200. According to rhythm8, an eBay seller, he bought that car directly from Marla. As per the information from the new owner, he was the second owner of the car.

Marla’s Involvement In Charity

Marla is well known for her contributions to charities and non-profit organizations. For a long time, she has been a vocal advocate of Kids Creating Peace, an organization working towards uniting Israeli and Palestinian children.

She also serves the role of an advisory board member at AWARE (Assisting Women through Action, Resources & Education) is a grassroots organization formed to spread awareness and generate funds to bring meaningful improvements in the lives of women and girls in the New York City area as well as across the world.

Marla is also a proponent of Spirituality For Kids (SFK), a non-profit educational organization aimed at providing universal social-emotional learning tools to as many children and parents as possible across the globe.

Last but not least, she is also part of Stand For Health Freedom, a movement that urges people to stand for their basic human right to voluntary, informed consent before performing any medical intervention and the absolute right to bodily sovereignty.

Biggest Milestones In Marla’s Net Worth

A major chunk of Marla’s net worth i.e. a whopping $1 million was obtained after she divorced Donald Trump. In addition to that, she also got another $1 million for buying a house.

At the time of her divorce, Tiffany, her daughter, was just 4 years old. Thus, Marla earned $100,000 every year in child support till Tiffany turned 21.

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Quotes By Marla

There are many famous quotes from Marla. Some of them are

  • “The problem with losing your anonymity is that you can never go back.”
  • “I don’t think he cheated on me. During the marriage, I think he was there.”
  • “I finally said, I can’t live being carried by this wake.”
  • “I’m happy to have had everything healed. We’re fine.”
  • “My personal life was fair game. And that’s what hurt me.”
  • “What was a private and nice relationship was judged and made to be something ugly.”
  • “I was the homecoming queen. I was the star of my basketball team.”
  • “This relationship is going to be built on trust.”
  • “Tiffany is very proud to have the last name and she’s proud of her dad.”
  • “If we could have somehow stayed away from the public and the press, it might have been different, but every private issue seemed to be played out on the front page.”
  • “I was holding a reserve inside all along. When you’re with someone as powerful as Donald, you have no choice. You can get lost within that power if you’re not careful.”
  • “Donald and I still really wanted to be together, but I was fighting to keep what we had privately, and once the world gets involved in your life, little by little it breaks it down until you forget what it was in the first place.”
  • “He’s part of the product and will make no bones about creating that image to bring the value up in his product, bring the value up in everything he touches.”

Marla’s Social Media Involvement

Marla is quite active on social media with a whopping 167000 followers on her official Instagram account. She also has a huge following on Facebook and the count of followers has crossed 50000. Marla tweets often and has more than 27000 followers on Twitter.

She also has a website name ‘’ which describes her social work, interview series, charity initiatives, and much more. Apart from that, on the website, there are several products on sale such as supplements and cleanses, nutrition and beauty products, books, and much more. The best part is that many of these products are offered at discounts for the buyers.

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