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Nikki Bella Stuns Artem Chigventsev With A “Sexy” Striptease In ‘Nikki Bella Says I Do’



The second episode of the reality series, ‘Nikki Bella Says I Do’ Season 1 was out on February 2, 2023. As the couples get ready to tie the knot, they are left with a long to-do list and three weeks left for their nuptials. 

As the glimpse of the latest episode was released earlier, fans were anticipating the release of the episode, ‘POLE DANCING WITH THE STARS.’ In this episode, the audience will witness the sexy surprise the to-be bride, Nikki has planned for the love of her life. 

American professional wrestler and television personality Nikki Bella might be strong and wild in the WWE ring, but when it comes to her personal life, she is very vulnerable which she even admits on her own.

But will she be able to conquer her vulnerability in the latest episode of the reality series? As the couple has a long to-do list, they are tackling all these before the big day. 

The Surprise Her To-Be Hubby

In the February 2 episode, the Total Bellas alum surprises her to-be hubby Artem Chigvintsev with a striptease at the wild joint bachelor/bachelorette party they organized in L.A. not only Artem, but everyone gathered at the party stunned by Nikki’s jaw-dropping performance.

Nikki Bella Sexy Striptease In ‘Nikki Bella Says I Do’

Artem Vladimirovich Chigvintsev is a Russian-American professional dancer, specializing in Latin dancing. The Dancing with the Stars professional is so fond of performances.

And because of this, the 39-year-old professional wrestler decides to stun him at the evening party being a stripper for her to-be husband. 

Although everything seems normal at the beginning, we could witness that Nikki is not as strong in the ring when it comes to tasks like these.

The confident young wrestler is not much convinced about doing a pole dance at the party in front of 15-20 people whom she knows well. She admits this on her way to the venue accompanied by her makeup artist Eileen.

The television personality confesses that getting into small underwear to perform a sexy number for the man of her dreams in front of 15 to 20 people whom you know personally is very difficult and makes her feel vulnerable. 

While the rest of the team along with Nikki’s twin sister, Brie hypes Artem before heading to the venue, Nikki is on her nerves which is clear from her statement that she can’t even drink Tequila as she is very much nervous about her performance.

Things get out of Nikki’s hand when she notices the birdcage inside which she’ll be performing her dance. 

As the rest of the team reaches the venue, the party begins. Artem, once reached inside the hall, starts looking for his love who is nowhere to be found.

He doesn’t have any idea of what she is up to and how much she is into him. While he is looking for her, Nikki is on her nerves behind the screen contemplating whether she’ll screw things up and will Artem like her performance.

She even thinks that maybe he’ll just say that she looks good out of pity. And she even corrects the next second that he better not use the word cute after watching her performance.

Finally, as the time comes, the MC for the event announces the guests to pay attention to the center stage. And as Artem understands that something crazy is gonna happen he admits that he wanted to have a classy bachelor party and doesn’t want any strippers at the event.

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But as he recognizes that it is his love who is performing for the night, his face lights up in astonishment.

From the video that came out yesterday, the audience could witness how the beautiful couple shares a glance with each other while getting ready to begin a new phase of their life in a few days.

As things went well and nothing went wrong as Nikki expected she gained her confidence and made the event something memorable for the rest of their lives. 

The four-episode season one of ‘Nikki Bella Says I Do’ has aired the first two episodes so far and the rest will be aired consequently on every Thursday. Watch the show exclusively on E! At 9 p.m.   

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