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Shotgun Wedding Cast: Know About The Fantastic Cast



Shotgun Wedding Cast Know About The Fantastic Cast

After hitting the theaters last year, Jennifer Lopez’s romantic comedy Shotgun Wedding, in which she co-starred with Josh Duhamel was released on Amazon Prime yesterday.

The movie came as the eighth wedding movie of JLo, but this time with a different theme that gets more grip since the focal point is a destination wedding.

Rather than a normal rom-com, Shotgun Wedding comes with more action scenes to stun you with both JLo’s and Josh Duhamel’s fighting skills.

The movie is also the third directed by Jason Moore followed by Sisters (2015), and screen played by Elizabeth Meriwether. 

Here goes the movie’s cast while it offers a thrilling experience to OTT subscribers. 

Jennifer Lopez As Darcy Rivera 

The actor-singer JLo has starred as the bride-to-be in Shotgun Wedding who gets cold feet when the wedding ceremony is about to get started.

Jennifer Lopez As Darcy Rivera 

Her worries become the least when she realizes a crew of pirates is in all arms to ruin her dream destination wedding. 

In her wedding-themed movies, JLo used to celebrate rom-com roles including The Wedding Planner, Monster In Law Marry Me, and Maid in Manhattan.

But this would be her first time taking initiative to bring action when pretending to tie the knot with her co-stars on the screen. 

Josh Duhamel As Tom Fowler

The groom of Darcy in the movie Tom is played by Josh Duhamel who is well known among us for his roles in the Transformers movie.

In Shotgun Wedding, Tom genuinely wants to have a perfect wedding, just like the way he planned it along with his fiance.

But, similar to Darcy, Tom also has to join forces against the pirate troop to save the wedding guests, including his family and friend, as well as his bride. 

Lenny Kravitz As Sean

Sean is the ex-finance of Darcy who is the actual villain of the plot but pretends to be too good in front of her, hiding evil plans behind his innocence. He is the uninvited guest who creates endless drama ruining the wedding. 

The role of Sean is played by Lenny Kravitz, the four-time Grammy winner singer-songwriter who has given sensations such as ‘Fly Away’ and ‘American Woman’. The most recent studio albums of Kravitz were Strut and Raise Vibration.

Shotgun Wedding Cast

Jennifer Coolidge As Carol Fowler

Jennifer Coolidge comes as the groom’s mother in Shotgun Wedding, and gave her remarkable performances in American Pie, Down to Earth, A Mighty Wind, The White Lotus, A Cinderella Story, etc. 

As Carol, she entertains the viewers with her hilarious character on the screen, being an overprotective mother and also being the right mother-in-law every girl would need. 

Cheech Marin As Robert Rivera

Robert Rivera or Darcy Rivera’s father is played by Cheen Marin, the American comedian, musician, and activist.

In the movie, he appears as a rich businessman who initially creates enough drama in the movie spicing up things between his ex-wife and girlfriend. Sooner, we see him get blackmailed for a huge sum of dollars at his daughter’s wedding. 

Sônia Braga As Renata Ortiz

Renata is the balderdash mother of Darcy, who we see avoids her ex-husband and his new girlfriend.

The role is played by Brazilian actress Sônia Braga who is recognized in movies like Kiss of the Spider Woman, Moon Over Parador, and Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands.

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D’Arcy Carden As Harriet

The younger girlfriend of Darcy’s dad is Harriet, played by D’Arcy Carden, who appears in the movie as a yoga instructor.

Carden is a comedy actor who we have seen in The Good Place, A League of Their Own, Barry, and Broad City to mention. 

Callie Hernandez As Jamie Rivera

Jamie is the jealous sister of Darcy, with whom she has a friendly rivalry as siblings. This role is played by Callie Hernandez who has formerly appeared in films like Blair Witch, La La Land, and Alien: Covenant.

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