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Maui: The gay side of the Valley Isle

With a population of less than 150,000 people, the gay scene is much smaller on Maui than in Oahu, but there’s a small, tight-knit LGBT community and a lot of great activities geared toward the gay tourist.

GayTravel Blog: The good and evil of gay Savannah

Art, music, amazing architecture and incredible LGBT nightlife, you can find it all in Savannah, Georgia. It’s a great city to relax in a rocking chair, put up your pinky and sip a mint julep in your best seersucker attire. I do declare!

GayTravel Blog: Cape Town - paradise in the Rainbow Nation

There are many similarities between Cape Town and California, and they don’t begin and end at the beautiful beaches, although visiting a gay beach is a must-do when you're there.

Traveling to Buenos Aires? Consider gay-friendly POP Budget Boutique Hotel

The gay-friendly POP Hotel is a place where you can make new friends, relax in spacious rooms, enjoy the lounge areas on each floor, and use the computers on the second floor. It is a comfortable place with a modern design, clean and accessible facilities, and with an outstanding price-product relationship.