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Gold Nears 6-Month High As Markets Anticipate Modest Fed Rate Hikes



Gold Nears 6-Month High As Markets Anticipate Modest Fed Rate Hikes

Gold has been rising consistently for a six-month high as it further rose on Tuesday, despite the high-interest rates imposed by the Federal Reserve.

As the interest rates highly mulled on the Gold bar last year, the shining metal ended the financial year 2022 slightly lower due to the slower pace of interest hikes, it is expected to benefit from a gradual pace on interest rates.

As the interest rates are likely to affect the U.S. dollar and Treasury yields. The reports indicate that the US has indeed reached peak inflation due to the market condition and energy crisis. 

The growing rumors about the new rate hikes have further slowed the growth of the metal by the end of December.

The speculation indicates that the recent discussion of central bank plans to hike the rates by 25 basis points in February, during the first meeting of the financial year 2023, as currently, markets are bleeding high in inflation.

The decision to slow the pace of the interest rates may ease the market from its sensual burning. However, the 75 basis points in the last four consecutive sessions have elevated the potential of gold in the market. 

Fed Rates Helped Gold Outperform Other High-Interest Rates Assets

The interest rates by the federal reserve helped gold to surpass when compared to other assets that are highly fragile to the high-interest rates.

Gold Nears 6-Month High As Markets Anticipate Modest Fed Rate Hikes

Even though the Dollar and high tressure yields have highly deteriorated the demand for gold, the gold managed not to stumble in the growth by promoting steady growth itself.

The prices of the Gold Spot and Gold futures have climbed 1.0% combined. The gold spot rose by 0.4% currently residing at $1840 an ounce, whereas gold futures struck at $1847 an ounce after it climbed by 0.4%. Both of the yellow metals have been trading close to each other since the first half of 2021.

The markets and investors’ center of focus has now turned towards the discussion and announcements of the central bank for any updates on the interest rates.

Markets will further watch over the shadow of the federal reserve for any refurbished plan on the interest rates, as all of the investors are eagerly waiting for the central bank to announce its slower pace in interest rates in the upcoming months of 2023.

Other earthly metals have outshined gold in the financial year 2022, the prices of silver climbed by 4% due to a surge in demand for the metal, and platinum prices have increased by 10% in between the sanctions on Russian producers resulting in a shortage of the supply. 

Other industrial materials such as the prices of copper surged at 0.6% to $3.84 a pound. Copper has gained strength during the peak inflation and from the announcement of China’s reopening of the country’s economy after the surge in Covid cases. Copper is supposed to increase its gains as china is the largest importer of the red metal.

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In early 2022, the price of copper tumbled by 12% in the early quarter due to the economic closedown in china because of the widespread new covid strain resulting in numerous deaths.

However, the upcoming slower pace on interest rates may not wreck the price of gold, instead, experts believe that in the long run, it could benefit a lot due to consistent growth in the gold price.

Gold has been striving during inflation when compared to other assets, so easing inflation would only assist to promote its growth further. As the country’s inflation has dropped to 7.1% from its peak of 9.1% in June 2022.

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