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New York Authorities Arrested Mutant Ape Planet’s Developer For $2.9M NFT Fraud



New York Authorities Arrested Mutant Ape Planet's Developer For $2.9M NFT Fraud

The creator of the infamous Mutant Ape Planet, Aurelien Michel, has been arrested recently for his alleged fraud on investors amounting to USD 2.9 million.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club is a recently launched platform to exchange non-fungible tokens at a discounted price without the payment of a processing fee. It showcases recent collections.

It has around 6780 actively traded tokens listed on its platform. It indulges the investors in participating in a rug-pull scheme. It is a shame to downsize the margins for the investors and siphon them off for unauthorized deals. 

What Was The Fraud?

The playful application of mind behind the concept of these rug-pull schemes has eroded investments worth USD 3 million in just a month.

It is a typical scam wherein the developers create a project and abandon it to divert the exchange’s liquidity to personal accounts.

Mutant ape planet fraud

The reduction in the valuation and the market prices of the tradable securities and crypto assets attracts increased demand, which raises the trading volume. 

The investors are utterly indifferent to this ambiguous pattern of trade until they lose their investment. Mutant Ape has been continuing to forge the transaction to inflate the bubble of prices. The platform consisted of non-fungible tokens.

It witnessed a trading volume of USD 85,564,859 during the last week of December. However, the valuation was pulled up by the weak forces of inflation. 

What Were The Non-Fungible Tokens Transferred?

These non-fungible tokens, as already mentioned, were available at their lowest prices on this platform. It boosted investor confidence and made them pool millions of dollars in these tokens.

However, the platform reported a crash in the recent week, when the rug pull mechanism floated afront to catch the attention of the market analysts.

The Non-Fungible Tokens Transferred

The scheme has been misused by thousands of investors worldwide. For instance, the famous adult star Lana Rhodes minted a whopping USD 1.5 million with an exchange of 500 non-fungible collectives.

Many influencers and celebrities have participated in this scheme despite being conscious of the fraud involved. Their arrest is also on the cards, and they would soon be found behind bars. The officials have already issued warrants against their arrest.

What Are The Charges?

Many charges have been levied against this platform’s founders and creators. They have been charged with conversion and maliciously siphoning off the funds to unauthorized and unwarranted transactions.

They have violated the code of conduct and are likely to lose their permissions and license for running a crypto exchange. They will be imprisoned and fined heavily to recover the losses faced by the investors. 

Their hearing has been fixed for the next week, and once they are produced before the magistrate, their trial will begin. However, it is uncertain for the time being how many parties would be impleaded to continue the trial.

The investigations are already underway, and the police authorities are continuing to search for the culprits one by one. It is essential to set an example so that repeated fraudulent activities of this kind are avoided. 

What Would Be The Future Of The Platform?

The platform has been deactivated for the time being, and the valuations of the tokens have been frozen. The investors do not have the option to withdraw their funds and execute any exchange on the platform for the time being.

The future of the trade volume would depend on the trial’s outcome. However, the investors have been advised to submit their documents and digital receipts to the court of law to evaluate the total loss they have borne. 

The exchange value is rising, and Mutant Ape continues to hold stagnant valuations. The attorneys of both parties have exchanged important documents with each other.

The Future Of mutant ape planet token
Source: Opensea

There is a possibility that the stay on the operations would soon be lifted, and the investors could withdraw their investments in addition to the grant of compensation for the alleged loss of worth in rug pull schemes.

Internal Revenue Services agents have been handling the case with utmost precision. The officials have demanded the submission of documents and other accounts of transactions that have been settled in the name of the founders and the developers.

A report based on these transactions would be soon prepared and submitted in a court of law.


It has to be ultimately concluded that this is one of the most important examples of how to set up things right, especially in the crypto platform.

This will help to reduce the incidence of illegal and scrupulous transactions which are executed in order to complicate the investors.

This is also responsible for destabilizing the interest of investors in the otherwise volatile market.

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