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When Will Big Eyes Crypto Launch? Can We Expect It Soon?



When Will Big Eyes Crypto Launch Can We Expect It Soon

There has been a sturdy increase in the number of cryptocurrencies actively traded. This increase has been due to various reasons, such as high demand, favorable returns, and low federal rates.

With this, 2023 is all set to witness the launch of the latest cryptocurrency, Big Eyes Coin. This token is likely to be launched during the first quarter of 2023. It has been based on a renewed trend and is inspired by social media platforms.

This token aims to renew the availability of meme tokens in the market. This community-based token would feature a big-eyed cat, which will be the crypto wallet’s recognition. This wallet has been initially introduced in Time Square in New York.

The tokens have already raised the users’ expectations regarding the rewards and expected returns. The mode, exchange, and channel of trade have already been ascertained meanwhile.

How Are The Tokens Planned To Get Executed?

Big Eyes Token is considered to be the biggest launch so far in the meme market. The investors will likely expect a big pool of 200 billion tokens as a part of the initial coin offering.

The Execution Of Big Eyes Token

Around 20% of these tokens would be blocked to reserve the base value, and 80% would be actively traded in the market against the forces of demand and supply.

The expected market cap would be around USD 11.52 million. The tokens can already receive a positive response at the end of the investors. 

How Are These Tokens Likely To Be Operational?

These tokens have been listed on different crypto platforms and exchanges. They will be linked to the DeFi nodes to ease the settlement of the transactions.

These tokens would be operational in a decentralized community. The holders of the tokens would get a chance to stake and earn rewards.

The investors will get to swap their Big Eyes Coin with the corresponding issued Non-fungible tokens, non-custodial DEX, and other securities actively traded on the crypt platform.

How Are These Tokens Raising Their Investment?

Big Eyes Coins are going live now. They have completed six rounds of raising funds each time they have been oversubscribed.

Now, these tokens are stepping into the 7th round of sale, and this time the sponsors are expected to conclude the sale once the collection surpasses USD 13 million.

Investment Rise In Big Eyes Token

Each USDT is likely to offer every investor 3181 coins and tokens. This has become the most feasible option to invest funds in.

As per the latest reports, only 1.48 billion units and tokens of the Big Eyes Coins have been left to be subscribed. These units are valued at USD 2 million.

The remaining six stages have already been adjusted against the 7th stage. That is why the token has witnessed a lesser subscription at the end of new investors.

However, according to the current status, the seventh stage is also oversubscribed by 2x times. The allotment of the tokens is made on a pro-rata basis.

Features Of These Tokens

These tokens are loaded with many beneficial features. These features are more capacitated to multiply the invested funds over a short period. These features have been given in the following way for the readers’ reference.


Solidity Finance fully audits the Big Eyes Coins. All the contracts are coded to offer 100% security. These transactions are based on end-to-end encryption. They ensure complete project security to avoid the chances of any unauthorized intrusions. This avoids the risk of speculation and concludes the authorized transactions according to the commands of the holder.


The tokens are traded on a platform that incorporates smart contracts. The traders have already disclosed the terms, conditions, clauses, and covenants. The market risks and the prohibition of speculation are also communicated. These contracts are 100% transparent and are exclusively made to offer certainty in the settlement of the trades.

How To Buy The Big Eyes Coins?

If, as an investor, you are willing to reap the short-term gains associated with Big Eyes Coins, then all you have to do is to follow these simple steps.

The steps have been listed in the following way:

Step 1: Connect with a Wallet 

As a first step, the units have to be linked to a wallet. This wallet can either be installed or operated on a third-party browser. With the help of the login credentials, the wallet can be accessed and activated. 

Step 2: Connect with the Official Website

The official website is the only authorized dealer of the Big Eyes Coin. As an investor, you are required to connect the website with the official website so that the settlement of the trades takes place.

The website will automatically offer the available securities and tokens to the investor so the transaction cycle can commence. Around 98% of the transactions are settled with the help of this route. 

Step 3: Search for Tokens

Next, you are required to search for USDT tokens. These tokens are valued at USD 0.0001. These tokens have not been subjected to demand and supply market forces.

They are yet to be actively traded in the market. These tokens can be selected and entered into the purchasing cart for furthering the transaction.

Step 4: Claim the tokens

Once you confirm the transaction, the funds will be deducted from your wallet, and the corresponding amount of tokens will be credited to your wallet.

These tokens would be stored, and once all the rounds of raising investment have been closed, they will be actively traded and hence offer fluctuations in value.


All of this information about Big Eyes Coin is very helpful in order to offer a ground to earn more of these funds.

The fund is likely to outperform during the initial phase. This will automatically increase the scope of the investments and the returns that are otherwise expected from them.

The short-term tendency of gain is likely to be more than 200%. Taking into accord the volatility, the investors can always book their short-term gain.

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