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Europe Has Missed One Million Cancer Cases In The Past Two Years



Europe Has Missed One Million Cancer Cases In The Past Two Years

According to recent reports, at least 1 million cancer cases were missed by the health authorities in the last two years in Europe. Things have probably taken an awry turn, as the pandemic-led disruptions in Europe have reached massive proportions lately.

As the entire healthcare system was busy treating Covid-19 patients, the secret endemic seems to have reared its nasty head.

The European Cancer epidemic seems inevitable if the medical industry does not take urgent control of the situation. These are according to the reports submitted by a large group of research personnel.

A Patient-Focussed Approach Needed

Even after the pandemic seemed under control, the Russian invasion of Ukraine seems to have taken an awry turn. The entire fiasco of events has led the Europeans to practice laxity in the research and treatment of cancer patients.

Europe Has Missed One Million Cancer Cases In The Past Two Years

It has become more important for Europe to develop a resilient cancer landscape. According to the medical quarters, prevention strategies need to be implemented, including proper and timely diagnosis, treatment, and after-surgery care for cancer patients.

According to European researchers, at least a million cancers have gone untested and untreated during the pandemic. Thus, it seems to be a tough race for the medical fraternity and government in general.

As a part of the implications of the pandemic waves, many research centers shut shop, while others turned into laboratories for Covid-19. Clinical trials also got delayed to a huge extent.

Among the nations listed, Ireland seemed to have the lowest cancer research rate during the pandemic. The commission analyzes all such research data and their purported findings and states that Ireland is lagging behind and should take a more strategic step toward cancer research. According to several research groups, Europe is heading towards a Cancer epidemic in the near future.

Analysis Of Data Reveals Lapses

Analyzing the available data, the commission has revealed that the pandemic has impacted as many as 1.5 million.

Many patients have not reported cancer around the time Covid-19 was at its peak. Moreover, many with weak immunity did not report for chemotherapy for fear of infection.

More than 100 million screenings were also missed. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that the European Cancer Research Community implement stringent goals to compensate for all the lost time.

In Europe alone, the total investment in cancer research from public groups amounted to €22 billion. The commission, which is closely monitoring the situation, has asked for an increase in the set budget by 2030.

According to the commission, Europe is faced with a triple threat of the pandemic. Moreover, the Russia-Ukraine war and the Brexit-EU opposition are also there. It has been ascertained that the UK and EU need to work in close coordination to get a hold of the situation.

The European Groundshot Commission has recently been very vocal about the rights of the lack of funding for cancer research. Early screening and reporting have been prioritized a lot based on recent findings.

Moreover, the commission has also researched and reported that 40% of cancers can be cured. It will happen if the risk factors are removed, to start with.

A fourth gap has also come up, which points to a lack of gender equity in cancer prevention and treatment. It is revealed that at least 33% of researchers are women, against the staggering number of men in the field.

Improving gender balance in cancer research also seems to be something to look forward to. Currently, the commission’s main aim is gathering data strategies that can give the correct picture of the entire situation.

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