Antibiotic Scarcity Across The Country Drives Up Costs And Worries Parents

Antibiotic Scarcity Across The Country Drives Up Costs And Worries Parents

The recent news hit the internet highlighting the shortage of antibiotics nationwide that shoots up panic in parents. The hot news was shared by the Milwaukee Hayat Pharmacy owner, Hashim Zaibak. He stated that the shortage of the key medications makes the cost of antibiotics drive up uncontrollably. 

The lack of vital supplements that are used to treat common illnesses in children is in tight supply due to its sudden shortage in production. This will surely be a matter to discuss as the situation got into action due to this year’s massive respiratory virus health issues. The reports that recorded the exact count of this year’s early and intense respiratory problems reflect the same.

What Does Health Expert Say On This Matter?

The renowned pharmacist in Oklahoma City, Dr. Renae Kraft opened up her words to this latest news. She even supports the statement recently released and said that there are no antibiotics available to cure flu in children. She even highlights the fact that it is hard to find adequate antibiotics for treating adults. 

Antibiotic Scarcity Across The Country Drives Up Costs And Worries Parents

As in most pharmacies, the supply of supplements is done by the same wholesaler who stocks up all the stores with necessary medicines upon demand. So, if one store goes out of stock on a particular medicine, the other medical store usually faces the very same concern. 

Renae, who is working as an active pharmacist usually delivers her service in rural areas where the pharmacies demand additional assistance in refilling stock and supplies. Recently she witnessed a shortage of antibiotics as the supplier found it hard to fill prescriptions.

Due to the lack of vital medication, the patients panicked, and they seemed to rush to other available sources in search of antibiotics. This was reported on social media platforms by the patients who suffered for hours in search of vital medications.

The live reports flooded social media and got noticed by authorized pharmacists from various universities. They verified each of the claims common people made by gathering the information directly from the drug manufacturers.

The shortage of antibiotics was caused primarily due to the increased demand for the medication ahead of the scheduled production. The reports show that the shortage was never caused due to the manufacturing problem. 

Reviewing the reports shared, the fact showcases itself that the majority of the people in the US states are badly suffering from serious respiratory virus diseases. This is due to the aftereffect of influenza, which hit early this year. Influenza makes your body more prone to secondary bacterial infections that demand antibiotics to treat.

The discoveries made by the medical institutes even mention the role of the Respiratory syncytial virus in this unhealthy respiratory condition. As per Statista, the demand for medications has doubled compared to the previous years. The US individuals seem to be taking antibiotics at a higher rate compared to other countries this year. 

The Pharmaceutical companies that develop and supply these medications usually won’t stock up on supplements. The manufacturing is purely based on the demand taken by these companies as orders.

The medicines are manufactured and supplied for the whole year. So, this year production didn’t anticipate the high demand for antibiotics for respiratory disorders that unexpectedly hit many. These companies have already received bulk orders of these key medications.

But it takes some time to produce antibiotics in numbers that meet the exact demand. Getting back the supplements in stock does take a notable time. 

The advice for the parents from the authorities is to be aware of this situation and be patient. It’s not a matter of being alarmed.

The families should be aware of current situations. If someone got sick, it is highly advised to take a test to see if the illness is caused due to a virus or bacteria. It is even said that for myriad diseases that attack you, there are multiple options to treat the same infection. 

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