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Fingernail Rubbing – All You Need To Know!



Fingernail rubbing - All You Need To Know it

Have you ever practiced fingernail rubbing? No doubt, scalp popping is going viral at a fast speed today. People follow the trends of others to achieve glossy and healthy tresses. One most popular trends are nail rubbing. People usually follow this trend for the growth of their hair.

Certain people, blogs, and magazines claim that rubbing your fingernails can help to stimulate healthy hair growth. Is there any truth to this exercise, or is it only fiction? If you also follow this trend or want to follow it, you should first know its truth. Keep reading the article to know whether fingernail rubbing is good for hair growth.

What Is Nail Rubbing? Is It Good For Hair Growth?

Nail rubbing is referred to as reflexology therapy to stimulate hair growth. Nail rubbing involves the rubbing of identical fingernails together with the same force. Many people believe that this technique of nail rubbing works. Also, many people show their critics after trying this therapy.

If you rub your fingernails daily for a minimum of 5-10 minutes, you will surely see the results in your hair growth. You have to rub all your fingers, except the thumb, because rubbing thumbnails may result in facial hair growth.

Nail Rubbing For Hair Growth

The Scientific Reason Behind Nail Rubbing

According to scientific facts, it has been believed that some nerve endings below your fingers are stimulated when you rub your fingernails together. When you rub the fingernails, it is also determined that your brain is stimulated to send signals to stem adult cells to revive the unproductive and dead hair follicles.

The Scientific Reason Behind Nail Rubbing

The process of rubbing your fingernails also enhances the blood circulation process on your scalp and gives more strength to your hair follicles. In this way, it prevents graying from falling.

How To Rub Your Nails? The Guide For You

Before starting nail rubbing, sit and relax in the sukhasana position for 5 minutes to calm your body and mind. Here is the right way you should follow to practice the nail rubbing

  1. Place your hand at chest level & curl both your hand fingers inwards towards the palm.
  2. Get the palm to touch with each other to get support, and bring your fingernails to contact with each other.
  3. Now, swiftly rub the fingernails of both your hands. Ensure that you only rub the nails, not the thumbs. Also, remember to rub the fingernail vigorously so the nerve ending under your fingernails gains good friction.
  4. Continue to rub your nails for at least 5 -10 minutes and do this exercise 2 times a day. 
Method Of Doing Nail Rubbing

Benefits Of Nail RubbingThe Good Side

The process of nail rubbings brings many benefits for hair growth, a calm mind, nerves, etc. Let us take a look at the given below benefits of Nail rubbing.

  • Nail rubbing is alternative reflexology therapy. The pressuring reflex areas help to provide relief to connected organs, glands, and other organs of the body by releasing stress build-up and reducing pain.
  • The best thing is that nail rubbing helps to improve the blood circulation in your hair follicles. This therapy gives more strength to your hair and reduces hair fall problems.
  • Nail rubbing also helps you to feel relaxed. When you are rubbing your nails, the nerves below your fingernails are connected with nail beds to stimulate and release the tension and give you relief.

Side Effects Of Nail Rubbing

Along with the benefits of nail rubbing, it also causes some side effects. If you want to try this nail rubbing therapy for your hair growth, you should also be aware of its downsides.

It is true that nail rubbing is a safe yoga exercise, and anyone can easily practice it, but bear in mind that there are always two sides to a coin. Unlike other exercises, nail rubbing also has some side effects.

  • Nail rubbing increases blood circulation and elevates blood pressure. It may cause a great risk of hypertension and other health conditions for people who already face the problem of high blood pressure.
  • It is strictly prohibited for pregnant ladies not to practice this exercise. For pregnant ladies, nail rubbing increases blood pressure levels and causes uterine contraction, which is not good for their health.
  • People with skin or nail disorders do not practice nail rubbing because there is more chance of worsening the problem from which they suffer.
  • You should try nail rubbing if you are suffering from surgical problems like angiography and appendicitis. If you still try nail rubbing, even with your surgical problem, it will lead to high blood pressure symptoms, palpitations, & severe repercussions.

Who Should Avoid Fingernail Rubbing?

  • People who are suffering from high blood pressure problems do not perform nail rubbing because this exercise may worsen their health conditions.
  • It is also determined that sometimes nail rubbing leads to drowsiness, so it is not suggested to practice nail rubbing during working hours or before driving.
  • It is also suggested to pregnant ladies not to perform nail rubbing because it may cause high blood pressure problems or uterine contractions. 
The People Who Need To Avoid Nail Rubbing


While there are some glowing reports of nail rubbing coming, there are also some people who do not believe in this exercise. It is concluded that nail rubbing has come with both benefits as well as downsides. Also, this exercise should be avoided by people with some health conditions, as we tell you above in this article.

On the basis of all the above facts, it has come to be known that nail rubbing therapy is good practice for getting shiny and smooth hairs. It will support your hair growth.

This practice helps to activate your nerves under the fingernails and improve blood circulation. You should do this practice two times on a daily basis. If you try this regular exercise in the same way we suggest above, you will see the results in your hair growth within 2-6 months.

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