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Can Losing Weight Help Hair Growth?



Can Losing Weight Help Hair Growth

Hair is a defining characteristic of a person. It is a protein filament grown from follicles found beneath the skin. Sustaining a healthy weight can help to avoid the risk of hair loss. Generally, hair follicle stems cell reduction arises during aging and causes hair fall. Stress-induced obesity targets hair follicle stem cells to stop regenerating and cause hair thinning.

An imbalance in hormones due to accumulated belly fat can produce high androgens. This increase can diminish hair follicles, directing hair thinning and loss of hair. In obese women, there is resistance to insulin in the body, which causes Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Due to high levels of testosterone, PCOS can cause hair loss. Obesity in a person increases the chance of getting androgenetic alopecia (AGA). A person with a higher Body Mass Index (BMI) leads to hair loss. Being overweight can cause various harmful inflammatory diseases. Obesity can reduce the immune power of a body. Severe alopecia is seen higher in obese bodies.

Steps In Losing Weight

Steps in Losing Weight

1. Diet Plan and Exercise

An obese individual can lose weight gradually with consistently good diet plans incorporated into their lifestyle to regain healthy body weight. Such a healthy body will be able to see hair growth by losing weight.

A sudden change in lifestyle to reduce weight will not help in hair growth. Crash dieting results in hair loss because of the sudden vitamin deficiency. Therefore, during the gradual change in diet, include all the required nutrients like iron and zinc.

Consult a doctor to take vitamin tablets for nutrients. One must understand that too much vitamin A may stifle hair growth. Thus, moderate required consumption of nutrients is necessary for the body. Remember, drinking sufficient water is always a good idea as it helps to lose weight, improves metabolism, and makes exercising easier.

Exercise is the key to reducing weight. Hair and health improvement will be gradually significant with a simple exercise. Hair follicles remain healthy with exercise as it promotes blood flow in the scalp. Include protein-rich and iron-rich food in the diet.,

2. Relief from stress

Chronic stress because of an individual’s lifestyle can lead to many health issues as hair loss. Find some time for yourself to relax in a fast-paced life. Physical activities such as a good sport, yoga, meditation, or walking can relieve stress.

A hobby can also relieve unwanted tension from an individual’s mind. Practicing deep breathing is a proven way of releasing stress. Connecting with others and reducing screen time help in stress reduction. Hair massage can also help in stress relief.

3. Balance in Hormones

Being overweight can lead to losing hair due to hormonal changes. Management of one’s body weight helps to regulate balanced hormones in one’s body. A well-balanced hormone helps to regrow hair and help in body and mind wellness. It can lessen the hunger in an individual’s body and helps to promote a healthy lifestyle.

4. Surgery

In some cases, doctors suggest severely obese patients undergo surgery. In such circumstances, it is common to lose hair soon after surgery. But gradually, with the correct intake of vitamins and nutrition, hair will regrow healthier.

Bariatric surgery is done for quick excess weight loss and causes hair loss as the body recovers. Good nutrition help in regaining hair growth


Generally, a gradual weight loss will help in hair growth after loss from obesity. Healthy hair shafts are obtained by having good nutrients. Apart from zinc and iron, nutrients that impact hair growth are vitamin D, fatty acids, and selenium.

Thinning of hair due the weight loss in most cases is temporary and can regrow in 3-4 months with sufficient intake of nutrients. Regular hair massage can regulate good blood flow in the scalp and helps to retain hair. Avoid rough hair practices like tightening or heating hair to maintain healthy hair.

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