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How Long Does The Immune System Take To Recover From Alcohol?



How Long Does The Immune System Take To Recover From Alcohol

The immune system is affected for a long by alcohol. The recovery time duration depends on a host of other reasons. The number of hours or days cannot be decided simply because a person’s body was exposed to alcohol for a considerable amount of time. It might take anywhere between a day to a week, depending on the deciding factors, among other things. 

The Immune System And Alcohol

The following parameters might help in understanding how long it takes for the immune system to recover (read – undo the damages caused) from alcohol – 

The Immune System And Alcohol


With age, the immune system tends to weaken naturally. On top of this, alcohol further weakens it. It might take longer for elderly people to recover, as compared to younger people. This is further subject to numerous other conditions. 

➜ Amount of alcohol

A less amount of alcohol might not even affect the immune system to a noticeable extent. If it exceeds a certain percentage, it might be hard for the immune system to get back to normal. Brands and types of alcohol have a strong role to play as far as this particular factor is concerned. 

➜ Inherent immunity

If a person already has weak immunity, alcohol might make it much weaker with time. In exceptional cases, the person’s immune system might even consider alcohol as a threat and act on the contrary.

It is advisable to drink within limits when you have a compromised immune system. The time duration in this case depends on how weak the immune system already is.

This is because only the inherent qualities of the immune system can make the immune system work for the body. No other factor or medication can help the body in any possible way. 

➜ Drinking habits

There is a deciding factor that makes it most difficult for the immune system to recover on time, and that is regular drinking. With time and an increase in alcohol consumption, tolerance is developed.

Other health hazards might also be aggravated due to the same reason. Herein, the time might also extend to one year, depending on the existing condition of the alcoholic person. 

Short Term And Long Term Effects Of Alcohol On The Immune System

The short-term effects of alcohol on the immune system have a limited effect on the immune system, like a decrease in fighting properties. The long-term effects of alcohol on the immune system might turn fatal with time.

In exceptional situations, the body might also develop autoimmune diseases. These are quite difficult to treat. 

Effect On Other Body Systems

The digestive system is also affected in addition to the immune system. Both are indirectly connected as well, up to a certain extent. It is a proven fact that dehydration happens because of alcohol abuse.

Even if alcohol intake has taken place in calculated amounts, the other systems are prone to danger. Most importantly, the nervous system begins to shut down as the level of alcohol in the bloodstream increases. The coordination between different body parts is also hampered due to this reason, in addition to many other ill effects.

These may or may not be noticed early on. For regular drinkers, the liver might be damaged to a large extent, ultimately leading to liver cirrhosis which may or may not turn fatal with time. 


As you would have already read, it is impossible to decide a specific amount of time when it comes to immune system recovery. Since alcohol is the culprit in this case, the demarcation is even more difficult because of the slow release and less susceptibility of the body.

One needs to drink mindfully in order to save the immune system from permanent damage. Once the immune system breaks down, it might be very difficult to save the body from potential infections.

In addition to this, one needs to understand the importance of a sound immune system for a healthy life. Alcohol is bad for a majority of reasons and damage to the immune system is one of those. Thus, the best way to recover is to stop drinking as soon as possible. Your immune system will thank you for this. 

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