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Is Patrick Stewart Gay? Did He Respond To The Gay Rumors?



Is Patrick Stewart Gay Did He Respond To The Gay Rumors

Patrick Stewart’s gay rumors sparked when one of the media tabloids claims that he was gay while celebrating Ellen Page’s revealing of her sexuality. 

The column read ”Some gay people, such as Sir Patrick Stewart, think Page’s coming out speech is newsworthy because a high-profile and surprisingly politically aware young actress has decided not to play by the rules that so many closeted Hollywood actors are advised to follow if they are to enjoy mainstream success” 

However, the article was immediately amended and corrected to “Some people” instead of “Some gay people”.

The column became viral after Patrick Stewart congratulated Ellen Page for coming out as gay at an LGBTQ conference in Las Vegas.

After Patrick was mistakenly cited as gay in the news tabloid, fans were confused, as to whether it was true or not, given his public image as a heterosexual male.

Is Patrick Stewart Really Gay?

However, the X-Men actor has not revealed that he is neither gay or straight despite this mistaken accusation.

Although he responded to the article in a humorous way tweeting that “Well, @guardian it makes for a nice change…at least I didn’t wake up to the Internet telling me I was dead again.” he also added other tweets.

Patrick Stewart Gay

But the actor was never offended by the mistake by the writer at the time, which was a humble gesture of understanding people’s fault and comprising to them, rather than being furious about the matter.

Thie tweet made the fans laugh out loud. But several people were amused with the fact that he didn’t respond to the gay rumors.

Since the rumors have been erupting endlessly, we have decided to report the latest news regarding his sexuality.

Since he has not revealed his sexuality and has been romantically linked to women, we cannot claim with absolute certainty that he is gay.

But however, we can determine by peeking into his past relationships and his interests, whether he is gay or not.

What Is Patrick’s Stance On LGBTQ?

Patrick has always been a vivid supporter of the LGBTQ community. He is also acquainted with the openly gay actor Sir Ian McKellen, who played alongside ‌him in the X-Men series, as well as who officiated the actor’s wedding with Ozell.

Patrick also revealed in an interview how ‌delighted he was because of the progress of the LGBTQ.

Patrick’s Stance On LGBTQ

He claimed that he is all pumped up about human civil rights and that he could not stand the idea of criminalizing human rights 

Once Sir Patrick appeared in a drag dressed up in a lovely satin dress, wearing a blonde wig and full makeup. The fans were instantly drawn to his regal beauty and grace.

All this indicates is that the actor does not have any hatred or animosity toward the gay community.

It is simply that the actor does not have a grudge against human rights, considering gay people also as humans. However, this doesn’t mean that he is gay. 

Patrick Stewart’s Relationships

Patrick’s first marriage was with Sheila Falconer. The couple welcomed two children, Daniel, and Sophia.

Both of these children have grown into well-known professionals. He got divorced in 1990, after 24 years of marriage.

Patrick Stewart’s Relationships

Patrick then married Wendy Neus on 25 August 2000 after being engaged for three years. The couple divorced three years later.

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However, it is assumed that the divorce was due to his alleged affair with actress Lisa Dillon, who played opposite ‌Steward.

After mingling for eight years, he began dating Sunny Ozell. The duo purchased a condo in the Park Slope neighborhood in 2012 and lived together for seven years before they got engaged in 2013. McKellen married the couple.

But Patrick revealed that it was not legally binding, and they held an official second ceremony at a Mexican restaurant shortly after their Nevada ceremony.

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