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Is Dennis Rodman Gay? Sexuality Explored!



Is Dennis Rodman Gay

Dennis Rodman is a controversial figure in the whole of the National Basketball Association’s history. He was one of the most storied players who on one hand is one of the best players, while on the other, had made it into the news numerous times, but not for a good cause. 

Apart from all these controversies and legal issues, he has also made it into the headlines with issues related to Dennis Rodman’s sexuality. Rodman always supported the LGBTQ community and even praised them in an interview. All these raised doubts in the fans and others who knew the player for so long. 

Being a renowned NBA player of the late 80s and 90s, he has stolen the hearts of many female fans and even men admired him. But as years pass by, the player has become a controversial figure who is even doubted for his sexuality.

The article discusses the former professional basketball player Dennis Rodman’s life, sexuality, past relationships, and much more. Also, you’ll get to know why this man has been rumored a gay even though it’s been years.  

Dennis Rodman Early Life

The former professional basketball player Dennis Rodman was born on May 13, 1961, in Trenton, New Jersey. As a player, he was known for his fierce defensive and rebounding abilities. He was even stated as the best rebounding forward in NBA history by the basketball association on their official website. 

Is Dennis Rodman Gay?

Unlike other NBA players, Rodman never was the same. He never cared much about what others thought of him, rather, he always wished to do things according to his delight. He opened up in an interview about the different odd episodes of his life.

Being born to a big family, Dennis Rodman was the eldest of 47 children that he had on his father’s side. He had an unhappy childhood and was shy and introverted. From his reports, it was said that he attempted suicide in 1993 but aborted it halfway.

From here on, he changed entirely, not only by appearance but also because he was never the same. He took over a bad boy image and became notorious, involved in numerous controversies up to date. 

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Is Dennis Rodman Gay?

In 1996, Dennis Rodman published his first autobiography, ‘Bad as I Wanna Be.’ While attending the book’s promotion, he wore a wedding dress. This created huge controversies at the time. 

Also, unlike other NBA players, he wasn’t afraid of opening up about what makes him happy. He said that he found refuge in the gay community and his visits to the gay and drag clubs inspired him in his career.

He said that those experiences he had with the community have helped him achieve the biggest success in his NBA career as a player and a human being.   

He achieved NBA All-Defensive First Team hours consequently for seven times and even got the NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award twice. Besides these, he even won five NBA championships and was established in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2011. 

As said by the player, his confidence level from being an introvert has been boosted after his frequent visits to gay bars and drag shows. He even added that he learned to live life after meeting his gay friends. 

Although he is so open about all this stuff, he never disclosed anything about his sexuality. Until this date, he has never addressed him as gay or bi. He had many celebrity relationships and has even married thrice. 

While attending an interview, he revealed that while talking with the people in the gay community or with those who do drag, they are very happy.

They always hold their head up so high every day and are not ashamed of what they do. They never wished to prove anything to anyone and are just living their lives.

Dennis Rodman Past Relationships

The former NBA player married his first wife, Annie Bakes in September 1992 after dating for years. Prior to their marriage, they became parents to their daughter Alexis Caitlyn.

Although they were together for years, their marriage only existed for 82 days, and ended up with infidelity and accusations of abuse. 

Later he married model Carmen Electra in 1998 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Within ten days, she filed for annulment stating that the player was of unsound mind when they got married.

Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra

Although they reconciled several times and tried hard to keep their relationship, things were never easy, and finalized their divorce in 1999. 

After confirming their divorce, he was in a relationship with Michelle Moyer since 1999. The couple had a son and a daughter who was born in 2001 and 2002 respectively.

In 2003, the couple officiated their marriage, and a year later Moyer applied for divorce. The couple tried to keep it together until 2012, and finally got separated.

Final Take

Although many online sites and top forums claim that the NBA player is Gay or bi, he never disclosed his sexuality to the public even though he had been rumored gay for the past couple of years. So, until he opens up about his sexuality, we can’t predict what he is or what he could choose. As a result, we could conclude that Rodman is straight, and his life changed after he got along with his gay friends.

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