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Is Stewie Gay? The Truth About Stewie’s Sexual Orientation



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In the American television show, Family Guy, several comical characters have been plunged into the question of sexuality, with often-confusing results. For example, Peter Griffin, the main character, is shown to be confused about his sexual orientation, and his family is often perplexed by his behavior. 

Since it is a comedy television show, the storylines can be twisted and turned in any direction at any time, revealing new and undisclosed personalities.

There have been several characters who have had their personalities and backstories hidden from the public. One of them is Stewie Griffin, voiced by Seth MacFarlane, who is also the creator of the show.

Is Stewie Gay?

Despite being a baby, fans have carefully identified that Stewie could determine his sexuality due to his vast intelligence. However, the creators of the show have not revealed any or had any developments in terms of sexuality.

There have been numerous times that viewers might have felt that Stewie was gay because of his lack of attachment to women or anything that would make him heterosexual.

As we deeply researched we found some sequences that somewhat tried to conclude the sexuality. But we are not sure if it could be the answer you are hoping for.

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Did Stewie Come Out As Gay?

In the 12th episode of the 16th season, named Send in Stewie, Please, we had a very civil conversation with Stewie about his sexuality.

In the episode, Stewie was sent to a therapist, De Cecil Pritchfield, played by Sir Ian McKellen, because he attacked a fellow student in the school.

As they continued talking, De. Pritchfield pulled out the statement, “You seem like a very lonely little boy”.

Stewie assured that he was indeed lonely. When Stewie was asked why, he pushed Tyler down the stairs. Stewie replied that he did it because he liked him and explained it detailedly.

At the same time, he became defensive and assured that he was not gay, though Stewie wondered if he would make a great couple with Grant Gustin, who played the starring role in the CW series The Flash.

Although this does not give a clear, definitive perspective of Stewie’s sexuality, it does show that he is not completely heterosexual.

It’s possible that this might be due to his fluidity in sexuality, as he is considered a one-year-old kid who is confused about what he wants.

We found that Stewie is rambling about different things, just trying to fit in with the crowd. He’s going off on tangents and veering off-topic, and it’s almost as if he’s trying to cover every possible angle so that he doesn’t get stuck on one. 

What Does The Creator Have To Say About Stewie’s Sexuality?

The show’s creator, Seth McFarlane, and other writers explored the possible sexuality of Stewie, the Griffin’s lovable but disturbed brother, in order to further develop his character.

They even considered Stewie to be homosexual, considering his wishes to have sex with Brian’s children and putting the screensaver in the cell phone of a muscular man.

Is Stewie Gay? The Truth About Stewie's Sexual Orientation

From the show, we learned that Stewie has an extreme amount of aggression and is hellbent on killing his mother and taking over the world. According to the creator, it all came from Stewie’s confusion and uncertainty about his sexual orientation.

In an interview with McFarlane, he revealed that the character of Stewie is almost gay, but that it is ambiguous as to whether he is attracted to men or women.

They added that the writers often treated the character as gay, which has led to a lot of controversies. The character’s sexuality has been a point of contention for some fans, and others have argued that this is the writer’s attempt to make the character more relatable for an LGBT audience.  

It is believed that as the story and sexuality evolve, either “Stewie will be gay or a very unhappy repressed heterosexual”.

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