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Will Byers Is Gay? Here’s The Real Deal



Will Byers Is Gay Here's The Real Deal

In the popular Netflix show Stranger Things, one of the main characters, Will Byers, has been subject to much speculation regarding his sexuality. Fans have been divided on the issue, with some believing that he is a closeted gay and others denying any such possibility. 

To set the record straight, this blog post will explore the truth about Will Byers’ sexuality in Stranger Things. We will look at the evidence for and against the notion that he is gay and ultimately provide an answer to the question: Will Byers be gay?

Why Do People Think Will Byers Is Gay?

In the hit show Stranger Things, Will Byers is one of the main characters and the subject of much speculation. He is seen to have issues with his sexual identity. In particular, many people have questioned whether Will Byers is gay. This has created a debate among viewers and has sparked a range of theories about why people think this might be the case. Here are some arguments on why people think Will Byers is gay in the movie Stranger Things.

From the movie’s beginning, it is pretty clear that Will is gay and is frightened to own up to it. Even though the producers never wanted him to be able to state the obvious yet, the clues were visible.

People Think Will Byers Is Gay

From the early stage of the movie, the young movie casts all grew into mature adults right before our view. At one point, Will started to act like he was abandoned when his friends started to make girlfriends and were always in their company. Then the question became: why did it seem like his best friends abandoned him at that stage?

The answer is that he was gay. During the 3rd season of the movie series, Will once had a heated argument with his best friend, Mike. As a result of the argument, Mike stated that it wasn’t his making that his best friend, Will, didn’t like girls. This heightened the suspicion that Will was gay. 

In the 4th season of the movie series, it was glaring to the viewers that Will had a big secret he was struggling with after Will viewed and discussed Mike and Eleven’s relationship to be a proxy to him. In his words, he illustrates that being different can make you feel like a mistake while you try so hard to accommodate the fears and insecurities of another emotionally. This statement resulted from an emotional dialogue Will had with his brother Jonathan. 

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However, the secret that greatly affected him was the fact that he had feelings for his best friend, Mike. On the other hand, Mike was in a relationship with Eleven.

Who Played Will Byers In Stranger Things?

Noah Schnapp played Will Byers in Stranger things. Will went through so much such as being lost to sight in the Upside Down, which greatly traumatized him. However, after he got reunited with his pals, he realized that the best friends today can get separated tomorrow by real-life things. Eventually, he was relocated to California with his family and Eleven. But the remaining crew members remained at Hawkins.

Who Is Will Byers In Love With In Stranger Things?

In season four of the movie “Stranger Things,” it was confirmed that Will Byers was indeed gay and in love with his best friend, Mike Wheeler. However, he was afraid of confronting Mike with his feelings as he didn’t want to hurt Mike’s girlfriend, Eleven, his friend and adoptive sister, with his confession.

 Will Byers In Love With Mike Wheeler!

What Is The Relationship Between Will And Eleven In The Movie Stranger Things?

Will and Eleven have been close since he vanished into the Upside Down in Season 1, and their relationship only got closer after The Byers moved away at the end of Season 3. The two were separated from the rest of their friends.

What Was Will’s Reaction To Mike’s Eleven Speech?

In Stranger Things season 4, Mike gives Eleven a heartfelt speech about love, but it’s far worse for Will than it seems. Eleven eventually brings up the fact that Mike never professed his love for her at the start of volume 1.

It’s something important to her, and it’s also something that Mike has had difficulty expressing for a few seasons of Stranger Things. She pulls out stacks and letters to support her claim, all of which are bluntly signed off “From, Mike.” Finally, it is revealed in his address to her, but regrettably, it also affects Will.

Mike has increasingly neglected his buddies in favor of his love, Eleven, as Stranger Things has progressed. He jumped from a cliff in season 1 to protect Dustin from bullies. He was the only person consistently by Will’s side in season 2 when Lucas and Dustin were pursuing Max. 

But when Eleven returned after Stranger Things season 2, Mike was instantly enamored with it. He became distant from Will and was only interested in talking about women. Will only wanted to catch up with his friends and bond over D&D. Even though his best buddy resides in a separate state. Will claims Mike hasn’t made many calls in season four of Stranger Things.

Other Top Characters Of Stranger Things

Here are some other top characters of stranger things:

Other Top Characters Of Stranger Things

Millie Bobby Brown:

She played the Eleven character and experienced some unpleasant days of confinement at a secret psychic facility for children. In the movie, she had a weird upbringing. Her hair was grown out.

She perfectly played the part that requires assistance with the normal things common with kids, such as understanding how to survive with mean girls, shopping, being friendly and interactive with boys, etc.

Caleb McLaughlin:

He played the character of Lucas Sinclair. Lucas had a little sister by name Erica who was fond of making fun of him right from their childhood stage till this adolescent stage. Lucas had a challenge keeping girlfriends, and he acknowledged that he is still a learner in that field.

He is known to be a very loyal friend to his friends as he does not allow anything, not even his basketball team, to come in between his loyalty to his friends.

Finn Wolfhard:

He played the personality of Mike Wheeler. Mike was Will Byers’ best friend. When Will was lost, Mike toiled emotionally with the reality, but he remained hopeful for the positive. Mike is known for his loyalty, which he maintained in the first three seasons.

Sadie Sink:

She played the character of Max Mayfield. Max was featured in season 2. She is a gamer, skater, and outsider. She loves these descriptions of herself and is determined to maintain that path. But things changed after she saw the Demogorgons.

She joined the root gang. In season 3, she greatly assisted Eleven as she helped her become a “regular girl,” but her traumas came after her in season 4.

Natalie Dyer:

She played the role of Nancy Wheeler. Nancy was first featured as Miss Popular. She was in a relationship with Steve Harrington, the school jock. But after the disappearance of her best friend Barb, she left the stardom life and became a common Nancy Drew. Now, she utilizes her experience and skills to investigate weird occurrences in Hawkins.

Charlie Heaton:

He played the role of Jonathan Byers. The creepy Jonathan Byers always had his camera handy as he explored the high school outskirts while freaking out people. After Will went missing, Jonathan devoted a lot of his time to searching for him, and in the process, he got the attention of Nancy, the popular high school princess.

Their friendship transformed into a sweet high school romance as the days passed. However, following the relocation of Jonathan and his family from Hawkins to California, we can’t help but wonder if their love will be powerful enough to stand the distance and the test of time. 

Joe Keery:

He played the character of Steve Harrington. Steve was nicknamed Steve “The Hair” Harrington. He won the award of a caring elder teen. With this award, people, including his friends, couldn’t help but wonder how someone like him, who is always mean and had so many friends as a kid, suddenly became the bearer of the award. Maybe this craft of fighting dreadful creatures had a way of helping. 

Priah Ferguson:

He played the role of Erica Sinclair, practically walking her way into people’s hearts with her one-liners filled with attitude in season two. She was identified as an essential part of the Scoops Troop. During the D&D game with the hellfire club, she saved the fellows’ butts. She can be tough in a game, but she is a nerd at heart.

Final Words

In conclusion, Will’s love for Mike has been building for a while, but it becomes apparent in Stranger Things season 4. His speech to Mike about being the heart of the group and disguising his real feelings by feigning talking from Eleven’s point of view is heartbreaking. 

Will has always been a true friend. Thus he doesn’t stand in the way of his friends’ relationships and compartmentalizes his feelings for their benefit. However, this confirms the fact that Will Byers is gay and is sexually attracted to his best friend, Mike.

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