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The Top 7 Sites to Buy Instagram Followers for Better Engagement



With over a billion active monthly users, Instagram is more popular than ever — but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s also easy to grow your follower count.

Building brand awareness and boosting your engagement rate demands that you upload eye-catching Instagram posts, use effective hashtags, and tailor your quality content to your target audience. Today’s Instagram users also demand social proof, though, which means they’ll only follow you if your Instagram profile is already popular.

It’s no surprise that buying quality Instagram followers has become such a common social media marketing strategy. If you buy active Instagram followers, your account can get the boost it needs to stand out and achieve organic growth.

How do you get started? Check out these quality Instagram growth services.

1. Twicsy

Twicsy is one of the most versatile Instagram growth services. It’s easy to see why Twicsy has so many great customer reviews, because Twicsy’s services are easily scaled to your needs. That makes Twicsy a great option for everyone hoping to take their Insta success to the next level, including Instagram influencers and small businesses.

What Twicsy Offers

Twicsy lets you buy small and large numbers of real Instagram followers at affordable prices. All the new followers you get from Twicsy are real users, not bots that put your Instagram account at risk.

Small business owners hoping to build brand awareness and encourage organic growth may prefer to buy a small number of followers in batches of 100 or 250. On the other hand, influencers who need to boost trending content or are trying to reach the explore page can buy up to 5,000 active followers in a few clicks.

Twicsy offers two types of followers. High-quality followers have completed profiles and show your target audience that your Insta account is worth paying attention to. Active Instagram followers upload regular Instagram posts and have large follower counts.

Taking your online presence to the next level requires genuine followers, but buying Instagram likes and views is another way to increase your engagement rate. Twicsy can help with that, too.

Other Advantages

Twicsy is well-known among Instagram influencers and businesses leveraging their Instagram pages to boost sales. This Instagram growth service has an excellent reputation for several reasons.

Twicsy has fast delivery times — your new Insta followers arrive in minutes. It also offers several payment methods, including credit cards. If you have special requests, the fact that Twicsy has a responsive 24/7 customer support team also helps!

2. Buzzoid

Are you dying to go viral? Buzzoid is one of the most reliable Instagram marketing platforms. It’s been in business for years, and all that experience shows when you buy IG followers from Buzzoid.

What Buzzoid Offers

Brands trying to get noticed on Instagram can buy anywhere between 100 and 20,000 active followers from Buzzoid with ease. All are real people who simply love spending time on Instagram, and Buzzoid is careful to roll new followers out in stages to avoid flagging the Instagram algorithm.

You can choose high-quality followers, premium Instagram followers with high follower counts and a lot of Instagram posts, or pick the managed growth option. Managed growth is an excellent choice for brands and wannabe Instagram influencers who want to encourage organic growth and boost their engagement rate because it means new followers drop every day.

Instagram users who need an extra push can also buy Instagram likes and views from Buzzoid and count on the same speedy delivery.

Other Advantages

Besides the fact that Buzzoid delivers real users and stays away from fake Instagram followers, this social media growth platform has low prices and nearly instant delivery. Those looking for custom follower packages can discuss their needs with Buzzoid’s 24/7 customer support team. As far as payment methods go, Buzzoid takes credit cards and supports Apple Pay, with plans to add PayPal soon.

3. Rushmax

Rushmax helps ambitious Instagram influencers and brands get the social proof they need to attract new organic followers. This Instagram marketing platform is a solid choice for Instagram users craving quick results at affordable rates.

What Rushmax Offers

Rushmax is the top Instagram growth service in the US, and it connects you with real users in your target demographics in no time.

When you buy real Instagram followers from Rushmax, you can select two different types. High-quality followers may be enough for your needs, but if you need new followers who are always active and regularly upload quality content, go with premium followers.

Small follower packages are an excellent way to grow your account, but Rushmax can deliver up to 5,000 new followers with amazingly fast delivery times. Your purchased followers often start dropping less than a minute after placing your order!

Are you serious about boosting your engagement rate? You can buy Instagram likes and views from Rushmax at low prices.

Other Advantages

Rushmax is a reputable growth service that doesn’t use fake accounts or low-quality followers. It’s one of the best places to buy Cheap Instagram followers and offers multiple payment methods.

4. iDigic

Do you need an Instagram growth service that doesn’t just provide genuine followers but also Instagram likes and views? Look no further than iDigic, an Instagram marketing agency that will help you stand out!

What iDigic Offers

iDigic is a one-stop shop for all Instagram influencers who are determined to make it big. This agency offers three follower tiers — high-quality followers, super-quality followers, and premium followers.

All your new Insta followers are real accounts run by real people, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait around. iDigic is among the most reliable Instagram services on the web, and that includes fast delivery times. Your new followers start arriving within minutes.

Gaining a lot of followers is a great place to start building your online presence, but social media accounts with an active following that leaves likes and comments stand out. You can buy Instagram likes and views from iDigic to show your target audience that your account is worth following.

Other Advantages

The new followers iDigic sends your way stay with you for a long time. If any of the real users following you through iDigic unfollow your account, this growth service guarantees automatic refills. Ambitious brands planning to boost certain hashtags or trending content can get in touch with iDigic’s highly-responsive customer support team and discuss their needs.

5. InstaPulse

Small business owners and influencers hoping to step up their social media presence can buy up to 5,000 new Instagram followers from InstaPulse. This growth service has fast delivery times and low prices.

What InstaPulse Offers

InstaPulse offers an affordable Instagram marketing service that allows you to grow your follower count in record time. Unlike other quality services, InstaPulse doesn’t let you choose from different follower types. As a result, not all your new followers are relevant to your content. However, InstaPulse is still a solid choice for brands and Instagram influencers who want to buy a lot of followers.

6. The Social Express

Have you been doing everything right by uploading eye-catching Instagram posts every day and using creative hashtags? Are you still not getting the followers you deserve? The Social Express can help you find that. Rely on social proof to inspire organic growth by buying Cheap Instagram followers from this social media marketing service.

What the Social Express Offers

The Social Express promises to deliver genuine followers within 24 hours. Start by choosing whether you’d prefer quality followers or active followers, and then pick how many new followers you need.

One downside is that the Social Express does not sell Instagram likes or views, which can play a crucial role in increasing your engagement rate. The Social Express offers just one payment method, which is PayPal.

7. DigitalBoost Co.

DigitalBoost Co. can maximize the impact you make on your social media accounts with a variety of follower packages for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This growth service is aimed at small business owners and brands struggling to connect with their target audiences.

What DigitalBoost Co. Offers

DigitalBoost Co. is a digital growth agency that offers followers for all social media platforms. This service emerged in 2022 and has mixed customer reviews, with some complaining that the Instagram followers DigitalBoost delivers aren’t genuine followers but fake accounts. The fact that most of these followers don’t have completed profiles or Instagram posts on their accounts means you should be careful.

How to Decide Where to Buy Instagram Followers?

Buying genuine followers on Instagram is a solid social media strategy to build your online presence and attract organic followers. Many top Instagram influencers regularly supplement their organic followers with purchased followers and are better off for it.

It’s crucial to be careful, though!

Reputable Instagram growth services let you buy active Instagram followers in your target audience, but shady platforms may set you up with fake accounts (bots) that flag the Instagram algorithm. Because buying fake Instagram followers is against Instagram’s terms, you risk getting banned if you work with a dubious social media growth agency.

Always buy followers from quality services that:

  • Supply 100% real followers.
  • Have good customer reviews and are well-known.
  • Give you the flexibility to choose from different types of Instagram followers, and have reliable and fast delivery.

You can’t go wrong with Twicsy, Buzzoid, Rushmax, and iDigic if you want to build brand awareness and reach the Instagram explore page.

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