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U.S. Military Talk About UFO Sightings



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After describing in detail the sightings of spherical and Tik-Tak-shaped objects, the witnesses spoke about pressure from the authorities and fear for their lives.

US intelligence agencies know much more about unidentified objects seen in the sky, than is commonly believed. They keep most of the information secret. This was stated by the US military to the US Congress.

The hearings were devoted to the so-called “Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena” (or “NVYa”), a term coined in part to avoid the use of “UFOs”.

Several military eyewitnesses spoke of alleged secret military programs. As well as their own personal observations of unknown objects that, as they seemed, did not obey known physical and engineering principles. Especially, when flying in US airspace.
According to some members of the commission, the purpose of the hearings is to investigate not so much the possible visits to Earth by aliens as the possible concealment by the Pentagon of information about them.


One of the witnesses was David Charles Grasch. He was a former US Air Force intelligence officer and whistleblower. He recently publicly stated that the US military was probably reengineering crashed unidentified aircraft.

According to his memories, they looked down and the four of them saw a small white object in the shape of a tick-tock dragee. They approached it at a distance of about half a mile. It was a little to the left of the nose of the aircraft. The object accelerated sharply and disappeared right before their eyes.

Another eyewitness was retired U.S. Navy Commander David Fravor. He recounted in detail how he personally observed NVE over the Persian Gulf in 2004.

According to him, they noticed a patch of white on the water to our right. The weather that day was close to ideal. It was clear skies, light winds, and calm seas (no waves). So the white water stood out against the blue expanse of the ocean. They looked down and the four of them saw a small white object in the shape of a tick-tock dragee.

Their wingman, during a flight about 8,000 feet above them, lost visibility. They immediately turned to look at the white water. It was also gone.

Fear And Apprehension

Both Grasch and Fravor noted that the US government may be aware of or even in possession of alien ships.

The evidence Grasch provided is considered circumstantial. As he claimed to have no first-hand knowledge of the alleged objects. He said that in 2019 he was informed about a multi-year program to search for and reverse engineer crashed unidentified aircraft. It was carried out outside the control of Congress.

Fravor also expressed concern that the government is not sufficiently checking reports of incidents and not informing the military about them. He also confirmed that the object he and other pilots had seen in the Persian Gulf was capable of performing what they thought were impossible maneuvers that the US military would have been unarmed against.

Grasch and Fravor are stressed. The objects they were talking about were seen by the pilots not only visually, but also recorded on radar, although this data was not published.

However, the main theme of the hearings was that there is practically no way for pilots and military personnel to report objects they have discovered. It is impossible without becoming adherents of the anti-UFO conspiracy theory. Worse, whistleblowers could face even more serious consequences.

Significantly, the Republican-led panel was attended by hardline members of the House of Representatives on the right, such as Florida’s Matt Goetz along with left-wing politicians such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

This suggests that the UFO issue goes far beyond partisan interests amid disagreements between Washington and the House of Representatives.

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