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Dundee In Flames: Halloween-Related Riots By Youth!



Dundee In Flames

In the latest news emerging from Scotland, a group of youth has caused a rampage in Dundee in the name of Halloween celebrations. As a result of their deliberate actions, roads have been blocked in Dundee causing havoc as the perpetrators hurled fireworks all over the surroundings.

According to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, it received a call at about 5:30 pm to respond to an incident on Beauly Square in the city’s Kirkton neighbourhood.

Youth Rampage In Dundee In The Name Of Halloween

On a night of mayhem in Dundee, a number of barricades were set on fire along Balgowan Avenue, with reports that fireworks were thrown at police and pictures of people jumping on cars.

Soon after the riots subsided, videos started to emerge on social media depicting fires being ignited on the above-mentioned Balgowan Avenue and police responding with riot shields.

Youth Rampage In Dundee

The fires forced drivers to turn around, while a Police Scotland chopper circled the area. Eye-witness Alex Walker, a driver from Dundee, was compelled to drive up onto the pavement in an effort to flee the bloodshed.

Alex, a live witness to the mishap, was stunned to spot an enormous fire in the distance while he was on his way home. As he expresses the incident, it’s clear that he saw multiple bits of fire in the various parts of the road.

The huge chunks of fireballs were blocking off about two or more junctions in addition to the extra fireworks that were being thrown into the already burning roads, he remarks hauntingly.

Finally, there was no choice left for him but to halt and escape, before taking the photo. Once he got the evidence, he drove to the central reservation and “drove away” from the mishap, Alex said, speaking to the reporter.

What Was The Reaction Of The Mayor

According to other reports, individuals were jumping on automobiles and bricks were being thrown at them, hitting cars. The perpetrators were also seen breaking windows at a nearby school in another image.

In response to the mayhem, authorities advised locals to avoid the area after numerous fires were lit on the road when kids should have been going out for “Trick or Treat.”

John Alexander, the mayor of Dundee, didn’t hesitate in expressing his dismay at the scenes.

The mayor shared his concerns on Facebook: “This isn’t just a little bonfire. Blocking roads with bins ablaze, smashing up cars and damaging our schools are scenes that you’d expect in an action movie or war-torn nation.

“I’m shocked but more than that, I’m angry. This reckless behaviour endangers lives, with emergency vehicles unable to pass on Balgowan Avenue and it costs residents and every taxpayer money.”, the post expressed.

While confirming an ongoing incident in the Kirkton area, Police Scotland would not provide any other information. However, no human casualty or injury was reported during the scene by the police department or media outlets.

Halloween Incidents Elsewhere

This report comes in the wake of the tragic tragedy that occurred in Seoul’s Itaewon area of South Korea, when a staggering 151 people perished and several more were injured when a large mob, primarily made up of young people in their late teens and early 20s, stampeded them.

Pushing forward on a narrow street during late-night Halloween celebrations on Saturday, the crowd of people were heading to the place to see a celebrity or candies laced with drugs being distributed at the clubs.

The stampede’s precise cause is still unknown. Additionally, the authorities ruled out any role of narcotics in the occurrence.

South Korea’s President Yoon Suk-yeol on Sunday declared a period of national mourning, saying it was heartbreaking to witness such a catastrophe taking place in the centre of Seoul, reported the Yonhap news agency.

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